Friday Favorites

It’s Friday!  O-M-G – Woohoo!
You guys, this past week has been CrAzY busy!  Definitely a good kind of crazy, but phew, I need a drink!  😉
Before I pour my drink, and since it’s not yet five o’ clock (LOL), let’s first get to my Friday Favorites.  
This loveseat.
Soooo, as of this morning this loveseat will now have a home, well, a home in my garage, but a home nonetheless.  Our local senior center has recently renovated their entire building and they’ve also added all new furniture.  The moment I saw that this loveseat was up for grabs, I immediately typed, “SOLD!”  And for fifty bucks – how could I not?!
Oh and also, my awesome neighbor, Amy, is the Executive Director of the facility, so she gave me the low-down on this piece.  It’s recently been reupholstered so WOOHOO for that!  I’m thiiiiinking I may take a shot at sewing a slipcover for this loveseat.  I think it’d be reaaaaally cool to place it at our dining room table, but I’m not sure how that’d work with having a six and a four year old?  LOL!  Let’s see how long it’ll take me until I even bust out my sewing machine.  Hopefully before 2019.
This is what I do.  I make plans for things I don’t have time for.  Haha!  
I bought these for Eliza’s preschool classmates.  Eliza and I handed them out on their last day of school and they were a HUGE hit.
Quick story – Every year when we go on our little Lake Michigan getaway, the kids collect rocks.  Most of the time the rocks end up in mine and Jon’s pockets.  Well, last year I thought I had a million-dollar-idea of creating mesh beach bags for kids to use at the beach.  Enter Amazon.  I finally searched for mesh beach bags and wouldn’t you know it – they were already invented.  Rats!  LOL!  Some lucky son of a gun had already thought of this brilliant idea and I’m guessing these have been around for years.  Bravo, mesh beach bag inventor guy, bravo……………
I’ve had Invisalign since December and I just finished this past Tuesday!  While at my appointment on Tuesday they took off my buttons and gave me permanent retainers!
Here I am wearing my Invisalign right before heading in for my appointment…
…and here I am after with some of the awesome staff who helped make it all happen.
This Ortho office celebrates like this with every patient once treatment is complete.  My Orthodontist is the one in the Elvis wig!  So cool, right?!
Oh my gosh, I was sooooo excited – not sure if you could tell or not.  😉 😉 😉


Weight Gain.

Ugh.  I’ve been running and exercising and watching what I eat, but I just can’t seem to lose weight.  Actually, I’ve managed to gain about seven pounds…and let me tell you, it’s NOT muscle.  I find myself either tucking my stomach into my pants or just completely unbuttoning and unzipping my pants altogether.  Thank goodness for tunics.  Haha!

This meme, this meme…yup.

Oh, and this one, too…
Anyone follow mommysinsidevoice over on IG?  My girl, Sara, told me about her and let me tell you, the mommysinsidevoice IG feed always has me cracking up.  I took this screenshot a while ago after she’d posted it and it still has me laughing…like, a literal LOL every time I see it!  
Okay, that’s it for me!  T-minus 3 hours and 3 minutes until I won’t feel guilty drinking…because weekend.
Have a good one, friends and fam!
Marie 🙂

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