Board and Batten Wall in our Master Bedroom

I had been waiting and waiting to share this space with you until it was completely finished, but let’s be real, these things take time…and money…and energy…

I wanted the whole shebang, you know?  A transformation complete with new Euro pillows, a pretty Safaveih rug, chalk-painted side tables, and a cute homemade sign for above the bed…

Pshhh…Who was I kidding?  Hello? —–> Time, money and energy!

So, instead, I figured I’d share the process of how we put up our board and batten and then hopefully I’ll share the rest as it comes together.  Well, that’s the plan anyway.  😉

Here’s what I did.

First I headed over to Home Depot and purchased some of this fun stuff…

Nine of these boards…

…and three of these…
In hindsight I could’ve used these larger pieces on the ends of the wall to really block in the board and batten.  Or I could’ve just purchased all of the boards at this wider width.  Moral of the story, if you’re wanting a chunkier board and batten look, purchase the wider boards.  YOLO!  😉

Now, I could’ve also used common board, which happens to be a little cheaper and it comes in the same size and basically the same smooth finish as the oak boards, but I had previously purchased a few oak boards to use as sample boards in the space.  So loooooong story short I just went with what I already had on hand and then purchased more of what I had once I decided to proceed with the project.

Just know that there are cheaper options out there.

Okay, so now that I’ve cleared that up, let’s get busy.

First up, since the boards were four feet in length, I painted a little under four feet up the wall from our baseboard using Alabaster by Sherwin Williams.  I applied two coats to ensure full coverage.

Then I told Henry to finish it.
Okay, okay.  Just kidding.
He did, however, assist in some measuring and spacing of the boards.  😉

Every board wasn’t exactly the same size in length and the wall we were working on wasn’t quite as straight and as even as we had hoped.  So to be sure the boards would be placed at the same height and with as little gap as possible, we drew a line four feet up from the baseboard and across the length of the wall using a level and then placed the boards “on top” of the line.  <—-Geez, talk about a run on sentence.  Sorry about that.  😉

Next, we used our nifty nail gun to nail the vertical boards in place.  We nailed in the two end boards first, then went to the middle board and worked our way outward from the center board back to the boards on the ends.

We also verified that every board was level and equally spaced apart.

I grabbed some Frog Tape and got to painting the boards…

…hours later I applied a second coat…

…and then a third…

After about a day I applied some caulk on all the edges and any gaps that I found between the boards.  
Voila!  Project:  Board and Batten Complete!
Now, if only I could find some cute Euro pillows, an affordable rug and about six hours to paint some side tables…  😉
Marie 🙂

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