Henry’s 6th Birthday Party Recap

Welp, friends, we officially have a six-year-old.
All the crying emojis……………..seriously, all.of.them.
Our weekend consisted of a bounce house, pizza, some adult beverages, friends and family and lots and lots of fun!
I didn’t get as many pictures as I would’ve liked, because we were too busy celebrating.  All-in-all, I’d call this past weekend a success.  Also, I was pretty relaxed the entire time, which is huge for me…well, with the exception of a couple moments…but all good things, all good things.
This cool kid was about to turn six.
Please, somebody…pass me a tissue and send me some vino stat!  My heart is a mess because I’m happy and sad all at the same time.  I tell ya, every birthday is the true definition of the word, bittersweet.
I didn’t really go overboard with homemade decorations, cake or food this year.  Plus, boyfriend didn’t know what kind of party he wanted until a week before AND invites didn’t even go out (in text form) until the week before.
It all worked out though and I’m so grateful for our friends and family who came to help celebrate this sweet boy of ours.
Henry’s cousins and Eliza were pumped to get this party started, even though they had been bouncing in the bounce house that we had rented since 11 a.m. that morning…the party was at 4.  Can you say, party animals?!  Ha!
The party was about to begin…

Easy grocery store cake?

Plates and napkins ordered from Amazon?
Super simple goody bags that Henry and Eliza helped put together?

Pokeman decorations made by Henry himself?
Bounce House?
The kids loooooooved this.  L-O-V-E-D THIS.

Cake time!

Obligatory licking of the candles?
That’s it, you guys.  I sooooo wish I had more pictures, but I guess I can say I was “living in the moment.”
This boy, this boy…this boy…this boy.  I wish I could remember every little moment from birth to now.  As happy as I am that he’s six, I’m sad he’s getting older………but also happy…but so sad…I’m sure you know what I mean.
I’d give anything to snuggle with his tiny little baby body if only for a moment.  Lucky for me, Henry still loves it when I snuggle him (thank goodness) and he still loves to sleep with his stuffed animals, which makes me realize that while he’s no longer a baby, he’s still a little boy…our little boy…my little boy.
I had been good all weekend and I managed not to shed a single tear…well, that is until Sunday night arrived (his actual birthday) and I took it upon myself to watch some of Henry’s baby videos.
Um, yeah – #uglycrying
I’m sooooo proud of who Henry has become and who he’s becoming.  So, so, soooo proud.
I hope that he continues to be kind and gentle, I hope he continues to be silly.  I hope he continues to be eager to learn.  I hope he grows more confidence.  I hope, I HOPE he always accepts my hugs, my kisses, my love.  I hope he listens to Jon and me when he’s a teenager.  I hope he knows that it’s our job to keep him safe.  I hope he always knows that his Dad and his Mama will always be his number one fans.  We will always cheer him on, wherever life takes him.  Always.  We will cheer him on during his triumphs…….during his failures.  I hope when he’s grown he comes home for Thanksgiving…for Christmas.  I hope he opens doors for people…yes, I really hope for this.  I hope he calls me once a week.  I hope he knows he can trust me and lean on me…even when he has facial hair.  I hope I’m everything a Mother can be for her son.  I hope he has kids so that he can experience the same intense love I have for him.  I hope he smiles on rainy days.  I hope he can make others smile on rainy days.  I hope he’s happy.  I really want him to be happy…
…and you know what?  So far, so good….  😉
Love you, sweet boy.

To the moon and back.

I love you a google.


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