Five on Friday!

It’s Friday!
Time to party – linky party, that is!
Let’s get to it!
Little Miss. Eliza has recently added a couple of new items to her closet.
Here she is sporting her new Matilda Jane dress/tunic!  I must say, I’m a Matilda Jane fan for sure – I may need to host a party.
…and here’s Eliza sporting her new Elsa wig.  LOL!  
We were picking out her Elsa Halloween costume last week when we came across this wig; she immediately asked for it.  It arrived yesterday and every time she puts it on I can’t help but think of the tv show, Toddlers and Tiaras!  I’m literally laughing right now just thinking about it.  She cracks me up!
Oh and don’t mind how she’s wearing her dress.  She put it on by herself.  That’s how we roll over here. 😉
Every year at this time we get these little bugs that swarm our front porch.  I don’t understand it, they’re everywhere – however, there’s always a silver lining, right?  
What better combination than a 4 year-old boy and a bug?  
Henry picked up this bug out of the gazillion that’ve taken over our front porch.  He grabbed a bunch of grass from the front yard to “feed” Mr. Bug, he then promptly removed his shirt so that he could feel the bug walk on his arm, back, and chest.
Me?  Not exactly my cup of tea.
Henry?  Highlight of his day.  🙂
We went on our last boat ride of 2015.  The weather has been beautiful and it was so nice to get out on the lake one last time to take in all the pretty sights and the cool fall air.
Oh and isn’t that house amazing?!  It was just built this year and I looove riding past it!  It’s the epitome of all things Pinterest.
Okay, guys.  This one still has me laughing!
So, the other day I decided not to wear yoga pants.
I must’ve been extremely excited to taste free samples at the grocery store or something because I wore jeggings, my favorite rain boots and this new Old Navy vest.  I couldn’t let a moment in time like this go undocumented, so I decided I was going to take an “outfit selfie” and perhaps I’d post it to IG.
Enter:  The biggest-selfie-fail, ever!  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.  LOL!
Clearly, I’m in need of a selfie stick!
Lastly, be sure to check out my little fall home tour that I shared this past week!
Thanks so much for stopping by my little blog today!
Have a wonderful weekend out there, people!
Marie 🙂 🙂 🙂
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  1. 1. She looks adorable in her Matilda Jane!
    2. We get those bugs, too. They swarm all over the side of our house in early October! They're called Box Elder Bugs. My husband did some research on how to get rid of them. No luck. Thankfully, my girls think they're cute!
    3. Amazing house!
    4. I stink at selfies.
    5. Loved your home tour. Everything is so cozy!

  2. OMG too funny. Those selfies are the story of my life! Your boat ride looked beautiful. And your daughter is hilarious. My daughter is all about Elsa these days. She will even say "no, don't touch me" just like Elsa does. It totally freaked me out at first and then I realized that's where it was from. The wig is too much! And yep, we are totally into dressing ourselves these days too! Little girls are too much fun!

    Annie- All Things Big And Small

  3. 1. I started laughing out loud when you brought up the toddler and Tiara bahah.
    2. I completely understand the whole selfie thing. I see so many people on IG post beautiful photos of their outfit and I think "how hard could that be" and then i realize 20 photos later after attempting my own that it's a lot harder then I thought. lol
    3. I just checked out your home tour and it is absolutely beautiful!!

    xo Megan

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