Girl Chat Link-Up and Valentine’s Day Plans

Today I’m linking up with a bunch of amazing ladies for their first Girl Chat Link-Up Par-tay!  The theme for today’s link-up is all about Valentine’s Day plans.
First of all, I need to tell you that there was a brief moment last month when I felt like I was ahead of the game and that I had it all together by purchasing these adorable Valentine’s from Target’s Dollar Spot.  I was all, “Look at me!  Wow!  I already have Valentine’s Day cards for the kiddos to pass out.  I’m soooo on top of things this year.”  Haha…nope.

Before Jon and I had kids we never did anything for Valentine’s Day and, to be honest, we were okay with that.  I think we’ve maaaaybe been out on one Valentine’s date in all of our 17 years together.

But once the kiddos arrived, I’ve/we’ve since become all about any and all holidays.  I love to give the kids fun greeting cards, surprise gifts, cute outfits, shirts, fun little meals, etc.

However, as some of you out there may know, the days fly by and before you know it you’re left scrambling at the eleventh hour trying to put together a little something special.

No?  Just me?
Anyhoo, I’m so grateful for this link-up today because as of about five hours ago I had yet to purchase or plan any of those fun little things as mentioned above.  Thank goodness for Amazon Prime and my local grocery store!

Okay, so here’s where I’m at, you guys…

For Eliza, I’ve purchased these two items.

I found this cute dress that isn’t too “Valentine-y” so that she can wear it many more times throughout the year.  As for a little toy – Shopkins for the win.  Eliza looooves these things and I must admit, I think they’re pretty darn adorable, too!  You can find these items here and here.

For Henry, I soooooo wanted to buy this adorable shirt and this cute LEGO set, but it looks like I just missed ordering these two items for them to arrive in time for Tuesday.


Luckily Henry has a cute Valentine’s shirt in his closet.  Fingers crossed it still fits.  As for a little toy, I may just pick up something from the store tomorrow.

Easy peasy.

Other than some cute articles of clothing and a couple of cute little gifts, we’ll probably whip up some Valentine’s pancakes this weekend and I’m sure we’ll also freeze some for Valentine’s Day morning.

Oh and chocolates.  I’m sure either Jon or myself will pick up some boxed chocolates for the kids.  After all, it’s not Valentine’s Day without a box of chocolates!

As for Jon and myself, we’ll probably keep tradition of not really doing much.  Although, I DID manage to buy him this book…which is actually more of a gift for me.  😉  Bahaha!

I’m sure we’ll have our usual nighttime routine of eating homemade kale chips and drinking La Croix.  I’ll then watch Fixer Upper alone while Jon works on the computer in the other room.

I know, romantic, right?  Bahaha!
Oh well, we’ll have a date night one of these years..  😉 😉 😉
Marie 🙂

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