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Hello Monday…on a Tuesday…again.

Well, well, well…
Here I am posting my Hello Monday on a Tuesday…again!  Man, those weekends sure do fly by!
I’ll try to make this a quick one!
Monday and Tuesday somehow happened but apparently I didn’t take any pictures, which is weird for me – Ha!  The older kids had piano on Monday and Jane had preschool on Tuesday.
On Wednesday, we drove across the state for another OIT appointment.  This was my third visit in three weeks and driving through eastern Michigan traffic is NOT my idea of a good time.
I white-knuckled it the last 30 minutes and we arrived nice and early.
Jane did great during her up dose and we left with a new bottle of sesame water.
Also, Eliza helped Jane get dressed and I decided to choose my battles…so I rolled with it.  LOL!
We had about 45 minutes to go into a store and since there’s so much on the other side of the state I decided to go into IKEA!!!!  It was magical, you guys!  I haven’t been into an IKEA for the longest time.  Jane loved following the arrows and we had so much fun together!  I bought some bedding and it’s oh-so-pretty!
Jane loved trying out and checking out all the product!
On Thursday I received this photo of Jane on her preschool app and it’s just the cutest!!!
Oh and once again, she picked her outfit for the day!
After school we ran some errands, picked up groceries and I decided to get Jane’s first haircut.  There was an opening and an opportunity to make it happen, so I took it!
Here I am holding her “baby” hair one last time.
Ignore the reflection on her face…LOL!  I have no idea what that is!
Looking all grown up. 🙂

On Saturday I woke up and decided I was going to declutter 50 things.  I ended up decluttering 63 items and several bags of trash.  You guys, it felt so good and I had so many people over on Instagram following along and loving it!!!
Oh here’s some of that pretty bedding that I purchased at IKEA.
The family room was looking so much cleaner!

Why wasn’t this thrown away forever ago?!

Empty drawers…


All the items I decluttered.
On Sunday our neighbors were out ice skating and that got Jon all excited!  If you can believe it, we’ve never bought ice skates for the kids…mostly because living on the lake scares me already, but the ice really scares me.  Of course, it was melting and of course out of all days, Jon decided that Sunday was the day we’d get ice skates…when it was melting.  Oy.
So off we went to Dunham’s and then quickly back home to get out on the ice.  Usually our February is really, really cold here in Michigan, but it’s been pretty warm, relatively speaking, for this time of year.  I think with the warming temps, Jon knew this would be the one opportunity we had left for the year to get the kids out to ice skate.  I was really nervous, but Jon did me a solid and we took the kids to the association lot where it’s much more shallow, unlike our backyard where it’s immediately 3 feet deep and then quickly goes over our heads at the end of the dock.
I managed to take deep breaths and enjoy a “first” for all the kids…the first time they’ve all ice skated!  They loved it!

Jane wanted to walk up the “mountain” on the way home.  We live nowhere near mountains.  LOL!

It was a great week, but it flew by way too fast!
Thanks so much for stopping by!
Marie 🙂
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