Hello Monday

Hello Monday!  It’s nice to see you!

Last week was full of fun and lots of happy days!


On Monday we hosted some friends for a little playdate.  I informed Jane multiple times that she wouldn’t be swimming with the big kids as it would be too difficult for her to be out there and the adults would be sitting and watching up by the house.  Everyone did great and the kids had a lot of fun!


The kids sang songs and it was just the cutest!

At one point, my neighbor, Amy, needed to change over her laundry so she took Jane with her to help!  LOL!  So funny!


On Tuesday we ran errands and well…we just needed to get out of the house…lots of summer bickering was occurring.  So I went to try on clothes for mine and Jon’s upcoming concert date.  I bought this bodysuit, but ended up not wearing it.  The kids were so funny with their opinions of what I was trying on and they were complete goofballs while in the dressing room area!  

We picked up some dollar store Fourth of July decorations and I worked on a tiny little project for my fireplace mantel.


On Wednesday we visited with some good friends and the kids played in their pool and new and amazing playroom that they just had finished adding onto their house!  Jane loved their dog, Izzy, and we had an amazing time chatting and catching up!


On Thursday we headed to Jane’s Nature Class and we learned about birds and went bird watching with “binoculars.”  Henry and Eliza once again loved spending time on the trails and building nests together.

On Friday Jon and I headed down to Noblesville, Indiana to go see Dave Matthews!  It was a long drive and I kept saying that I felt like I forgot something…due to me not having a million and one things with us like we usually do for the kiddos.  We also took my car so that we could go to Target and pick up a few items.  My car just felt so empty inside!

We didn’t research enough about where to eat, so our dinner wasn’t the best, but the beers were delicious and I really enjoyed spending time with this smoke show of a husband.  😉 

After dinner, we found an Uber and arrived nice and early at the Ruoff Music Center.  I love, love this picture of us!

We were so happy to have arrived nice and early so that we could just sit, talk, people watch, drink another beer and wait for the concert to begin!

Also, for it being nearly ninety degrees it wasn’t too bad outside.  

We had the most amazing time!  We did leave the concert just a tad early due to it being so dang far from our hotel and knowing we’d need an Uber.  I’m sure we would’ve waited forever and a day had we not left when we did.

We woke up bright and early on Saturday and were home by 10:30 to see the kiddos.  I was feeling…well, I was feeling pretty tired.  I managed to get in a run to keep up my energy for the rest of the day and both Jon and I drank lots of water throughout the day.
I managed to accomplish more decluttering on both Saturday and Sunday…
…and on Sunday I got in another run in the park.
It was a great week and a busy one, too.  This week we’re preparing for about 30 guests, we’re standing at 28 people at the moment, to be arriving this weekend for a big Fourth of July gathering and I have so much to do, but we’re getting excited for the fun to begin!
Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Monday, friends!
Marie 🙂
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  1. I'm so glad you had such a great time at the concert!! We've considered getting an uber to a concert before, too, but we've always been worried about not being able to get one on the way out!! I'm glad y'all didn't have any trouble!

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