Family Photos 2016

As promised, it’s family photo time!

Here’s the deal, last winter we went to Disney World and they have this thing called Memory Maker.  Without going into too much detail, the package includes professional photographers who take photos of you and your family all throughout the parks and you eventually get to download them and keep these priceless memories forever.  The package wasn’t cheap.  If memory serves me right, the package was about $150.  Long story short, we bought Memory Maker, it was amazing and it was toooootally worth every single penny.

Now, I had convinced Jon that since we had purchased the Memory Maker package we wouldn’t hire anyone for family photos come fall and that our Disney World photos would be our “family photos” for the year.

Enter:  Marie and her big girl camera.

So, there’s this wall over by one of my favorite coffee shops here in town.  All summer long I’d tell the kids to go and stand in front of the wall and then I’d snap some pictures with my phone.  I just loved how the quick snapshots from my phone turned out and I just knew it’d be the perfect backdrop for family photos.  I also remembered that I had promised Jon we wouldn’t hire anyone for family pictures, BUT, I didn’t promise him that we wouldn’t have any taken.


Mic Drop!

See the loophole?!  Muahaha!

So, one warm Sunday day back in October, we dressed up the family, packed up the camera, grabbed a ladder and set the camera timer over and over again and took about a gazillion pictures…ourselves.

Without further ado, here are the best ones we shot that day…

Family Photos - Family and the Lake House -
Picmonkey helped me edit these bad boys.  I knew I wanted them to be super bright or kind of rustic and aged.  I went with the latter.  I realize I may have over-edited, but hey, it was my first time trying this out and I understand there’s a learning curve to this kind of stuff.  
Family Photos - Family and the Lake House -

Oh and by the way, this is what happens when a five-year-old dictates a photo shoot.

Muscles for the win!

Family Photos - Family and the Lake House -
I also managed to get a few pics of the kids!
Family Photos - Family and the Lake House -
Family Photos - Family and the Lake House -
Family Photos - Family and the Lake House -

I am, by no means, a photographer – but hey, we have some family photos to look back on and I kept my promise.  Ha!  I think for next time, the timer duration needs to be more than ten seconds and/or a remote would come in handy so that I’m not gasping for air after running from the camera to my “spot” before the timer counts down to zero!  LOL!  Anyway, it was fun and I hope to try it out again in the spring.  In the meantime, if you need me, I’ll be over here Googling, “How to take and edit family photos…” 😉

Marie 🙂


  1. Marie, these are all so beautiful!! That's so great that you guys were able to get shots this good with a timer on a camera!! I love them all! And that last picture of Eliza just kills me! She is so precious!

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