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Soooo…it’s been quite some time since I posted a little update with our life happenings.  Honestly, I’ve been working on this blog post for about three weeks.  THREE WEEKS, you guys – but I never made it past my first two “favorites.”  This little post has been sitting here with only three pictures, so the time came to actually finish it.  I’m trying to be a better blogger…I really, really am…


 Family Pictures

About two months ago I packed up my big girl camera, a ladder, the kids and the hubs and together we ventured over to this pretty brick wall to take some family pictures.  I’ve known since summer that I wanted to take our family photos at this location.  It’s an old building near one of my favorite coffee shops and I just love, love, love everything about this spot.  A little editing over on PicMonkey and Bam!  Family photos are checked off the list!  I’ll be sharing more about our photo session next week.



Real life with this little lady…

This was my attempt at taking a picture of our living room to post on the blog waaaay before December.  I never did post anything.

See?  I’m trying to blog!

This girl, I tell ya’ – she sure does keep me busy…and I love it!

Another Eliza Moment
We’ve never, up until just recently, had either one of our kids put stickers anywhere in our home except for on paper.
A couple months ago Henry and Eliza were going in and out of each other’s rooms at bedtime.  Jon and I had already tucked them in for the night, but they apparently wanted to keep playing – they’re usually pretty good about going to bed, so we said, “Hey, why not?”  So we let them stay up and party for a bit longer than usual.
And party they did.  
Sometime in the middle of their kid craziness, Henry came out to the living room and told me Eliza was putting stickers on her “wall.”  I didn’t remember giving her stickers and if she had found any, I just thought, “Eh, it’s probably just one or two stickers…it’s bedtime, I’ll take care of it after she falls asleep.”  Besides, they were having a great time and – oh my goshthe giggles coming from the hallway were ridiculously adorable!  Henry then proceeded to come out to the living room a couple more times to inform me of the “sticker situation.”  I told him not to worry about it and that it was finally time for bed.
The Real Housewives of Orange County ended and Mommy needed to head to bed, as well.  I went to check on my babies sleeping in their rooms, when I walked into Eliza’s room to find this.  I immediately started laughing…I wasn’t even upset, rather all I could think of was how true of a “parenting moment” it was.  I’m happy I found it after she had fallen asleep, because I know I would’ve reacted differently had she been awake (nothing bad, just differently).  I, instead, embraced this mess of stickers surrounding my sweet sleeping baby girl and laughed it off.  
These are the days, right…

Hair Cut
See my hair in that family photo up there at the top?  ^^^  Welp, I knew I wanted to chop it off as soon as we had our family pictures taken.

Hair, as we all know, takes soooo long to grow so I knew I had to document the length while I still had it.  However, not long after the pictures, I headed to a new local hair salon and told them to cut enough to be able to donate it.

It was the fastest hair cut ever and while I usually don’t care about my hair, I was in shock for about five seconds after it was cut…especially since it was chopped off so fast!  I do believe it’s the shortest my hair has ever been and I’m kind of loving it.

P.S. No, I was not driving.


Holiday Home Tour

If you missed it, my Holiday Home Tour is up on the blog.  I joined a bunch of awesome bloggers for their Holiday Home Tour Link Up and it’s been so much fun!



And finally this…

This meme describes me perfectly.  LOL!

Thanks for stopping by and catching up!  Happy Weekend!

Marie 🙂

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  1. Oh I want to see more of your family pictures! I can't wait!

    I laughed so hard at Eliza and the stickers… that is SUCH a think that Olivia would do.

    And girl, your hair looks fabulous! This makes me want to cut my hair so bad!! I've been thinking of doing it for several YEARS, but I just can't bring myself to actually do it. Maybe in 2017?

  2. Your hair looks amazing!!!!!!!! And OMG Eliza is cra cra hahahaha!! I cannot believe she put all those stickers on her bed and you were all no big deal when Henry was coming to tell you, seriously I'm laughing out loud at that!

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