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A little recap of life lately…

Hey guys!  I thought I’d link up with B Loved Boston and join in on the life lately/weekend recap link-up fun.  We’ve been so busy over here lately and I finally have a second to breathe, so why not breathe and blog a little, too, right?!
The start to our weekend/Christmas break didn’t go exactly as planned as my family’s Christmas was canceled due to a potential snow storm and possible icy roads.  I was totally bummed all day on Friday because I was really looking forward to seeing my family over the weekend.  I’ve also had to rearrange my plans for this week.  Sometimes it’s hard for me to adjust when life goes totally wonky.  But, everything will work out and we have my family’s Christmas in the books for this week…so we’ll make it work.
Also, Henry was sick all weekend.  So it was probably for the best that we didn’t head back to see my family anyway.  He had a half day of school on Friday and after I had picked him up he was just a wreck all day.  There was lots of whining and crying and complaining.  At first Jon and I just thought he was tired from the week, which was probably true, but as the night progressed he continued to act out of sorts.  We attempted to head to dinner, but not soon after we all piled in the car, we realized dinner probably wasn’t a good idea, so we turned around and came home.  We walked in the door, gave the kiddos a bath and immediately put them both to bed.  Eliza was sleeping by 6:30 and Henry by 7:00.  Poor little man later woke up and started throwing up at around 9-ish.  Let’s just say, almost every sheet, blanket, duvet and comforter in our house has been washed.  So with that, I’m sure you can imagine how the rest of the night went.  Poor little guy just started feeling better yesterday and I’m now on pins and needles waiting for the next person in our house to get sick.
Anyway, it was a crazy weekend.

So, since I don’t have a ton to share from this past weekend, how about I share with you guys what we HAVE accomplished this holiday season.

Let’s start here…

It wasn’t even Thanksgiving yet, but Henry had written out his Christmas list…

We went to see Santa at our favorite Photography Studio.  Every year this studio takes Santa photos before Thanksgiving to ensure the portraits are ready to go well before Christmas.

We went back “home” for Thanksgiving to visit family and pig out on two delicious dinners.
My father-in-law constructed these swings and the kids loved, loved, looooved it.

I went to one of my Dad’s stores to pick up a few things before we left town.  I love his adorable stores and I’m going to miss them so much.  My parents are currently in the process of retiring and it’s oh-so-very-bittersweet.

We went to one of our favorite town’s Holiday Retail Open House.  There are carolers, free hot cocoa, free hot apple cider and carriage rides.  It always puts me in the holiday spirit.  
Oh yeah, and there are free snacks and cookies, too!

I shared our Holiday Home Tour!

 Elmer continued his mischievous ways…
We attended our local Christmas Parade (P.S. this wagon has been very useful this year)!  The parade was held in the evening this year.  I hope our town keeps it that way.  It was much more magical with all the pretty lights.  🙂

We took the kids to “Letters with Santa” held at Henry’s school.  He once again wrote out a list and we mailed it this time, too!

Speaking of Santa, our photograph was printed and ready!  Oh my gosh, my heart could’ve burst upon seeing it!  Mostly because Eliza’s hair is actually brushed and it isn’t a crazy mess (Haha!), but also because both kids were truly excited and happy to see Santa.
Oh my gosh, and you guys and we went to this place called the MALL!  Haha!  I think we only ever venture into a mall during Christmas…maybe.  The closest mall is about forty minutes away, so it never happens.  It was super fun, but I must admit that we weren’t very good “mall customers” as we didn’t buy a single thing.  Not.A.Single.Thing.  I know, sad, right?  Well, I mean, I guess we did have dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings…which is located inside the mall.  Does that count?

Okay, I lied.  We bought this for the kids – a bumper car ride at a place inside the mall.  Oh my word, they were thrilled!

I made this nativity cake for Eliza’s preschool Christmas party.
…and because I’m crazy here’s a picture of me on our snow day we had last week.  In this Mommy-land-world of mine it was just what the Doctor had ordered as I needed just one more day off from all the running around.  So here you go – no makeup, messy hair, raccoon eyes and coffee in hand.  Just keepin’ it real.
Alright, aaaaaaaaand on that note.  I’ll be done with this blog post of mine.
Have a great day, everyone.  Stay warm.
Marie 🙂

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  1. Oh Marie, I'm so sorry to hear that your weekend didn't turn out the way that you guys had planned. I would have been so crushed, too. I do NOT do well when things don't go the way that they are supposed to. I hope and pray that nobody else in your house gets sick and that you guys are able to have the best Christmas weekend!

  2. I love when you blog, Marie!! I miss you when you don't 🙂 So much fun stuff going on here! I love those swings your MIL made, maybe I can get the hubby to make some for us in the Spring, the kids would love!! And how awesome is Henry's list, money!? Kid has his priorities in check LOL!! Do your parents own stores?? I may have missed that before?? But if so, how freaking cool! And you went to a mall, I almost spit my coffee out hahaha!! I can't believe your closet one is 40 minutes away! Probably for the best though, they are pretty overrated! But those bumper cars?? Now that looks awesome!! If you don't blog again, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas Marie!!! xo

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