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It’s the first of the month and that means it’s time for The Monthly Meet Up!

My girl, Sara, from The Hayes Homestead, and I host a monthly link up every month centered around one’s monthly goals.  It can be about anything.  Any kind of goal.  Join us, I promise you’ll have a blast!

First thing is first.  Just like anything fun, we’ve gotta have some rules.  Ours are short and sweet:

1.  Link back to us – copy and paste our linky button on your post – we want your friends to join in on the fun, too.
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Oh and a big shout out to Lindsay from Lindsay’s Sweet World!  She joined us last month!  You guys, she has the “sweetest” blog around.  The girl has the cutest little kids, a beautiful home, she’s super crafty and her personal style is amazing!  Go and check her out.

Thanks for coming over and supporting this tiny little link up, Lindsay!  You rock, girlfriend!

Okay.  So, back to the link up and my goals for the month of February.  Here we go!


Eliza’s Bedroom Reveal.
Here’s the thing, it’s yet to be posted.  I’m waaaay too hard on myself when it comes to “finishing” projects, taking pictures and posting them here on this little blog of mine.  I get so stuck on the “Pinterest perfection” part of it…you know, the decor, the lighting, the photographs, etc.

Anyhoo, the point I’m trying to make is that a home isn’t built over night, it takes time to make a house a home, right?  A house becomes a home over the years of living in it and by filling it with memories and sentimental items that have filled our lives with joy and happiness, not by the most recent purchase from Hobby Lobby for a quick snapshot for my blog.

So, here I am today, vowing here and now to post more pictures of the progress, the good stuff, the real stuff, rather than wait for the end product, whatever that is.  It’s more fun that way, wouldn’t you agree? 

All this deep thought just to say, keep a lookout for Eliza’s “unfinished, but finished,” “in progess” bedroom reveal…coming soon to a blog near you!
Gift Cards.
Soooo, I have some gift cards to spend.  I know, I know – terrible problem to have, right?
<insert world’s smallest violin>
This is another thing I’m terrible about doing; spending gift cards.
I get all anxious thinking about if what I’m about to buy is the right purchase or not.

These gift cards have to be used.  I’m afraid if I don’t spend them, then I’ll lose them or the kids will get in my wallet and they’ll be gone forever!  
So, I need your help, fellow bloggers, family and friends!  One of the gift cards I won was from an Instagram contest from last summer.  Last summer, people!!!  This particular card is to the Holy Grail of stores, Target (click on the picture to link you to the site).  Please, help me figure out what I should spend it on or suggest something that you may have that you think I need in my life!

Thanks, friendship!

Here are a few items that have struck my fancy:
Continuing with KonMari.
I’ve been attempting to “Kon-Mari” my house.  
It’s amazing the feeling one feels when getting rid of joy-sucking items.
Marie Kondo "Does it spark joy?" #KonMari ♥ ♫ ♪ ♥❀ ♢♦ ♡ ❊ ** Have a Nice Day! ** ❊ ღ‿ ❀♥ ~ ~ ❤♡༻ ☆༺❀ .•` ✿⊱ ♡༻ ღ☀ᴀ ρᴇᴀcᴇғυʟ ρᴀʀᴀᴅısᴇ¸.•` ✿⊱╮ ♡ ❊ **** ❊ ✿⊱╮♥:
I plan to have a garage sale in the spring to make some money off of some of the items in our home that no longer spark joy.  Until then, I’ll plan to keep moving forward by keeping only the sentimental and useful items that we, as a family, need to keep. 
Here’s the ticker.  Those other family members in my home…the other half of the family…yeah, ummm…they’re 4 and 2.  It’s hard, and I mean haaaaaard to KonMari with kids.  Almost everything is sentimental and it seems as though new toys arrive monthly, either from a holiday, a birthday, the grandparents (not complaining), or by using a toy as a good ole scare tactic bribe to get through that week’s grocery shopping trip.  Ahem….
I feel as though in order to keep order and minimalism, I must always be moving.  

If I don’t pick up within 30 minutes of a mess being made, then I know for a fact, it’ll take half a morning to clean it up and put it away.  
I need order and minimalism in my life.  
Minimalism = Stress-Free Time…and I love that.
So, I need to keep moving.  Once I get rid of the years of unnecessary build-up of unimportant documents, clothes, and “storage bins of nothing-ness,” then and only then will I feel the stress-free environment that I long for in our home.  It can happen, I believe it can!  😉 
That was kind of deep, wasn’t it?  LOL
So, to review, for the month of February watch for an unfinished/in progress bedroom reveal, some new and useful “joy-sparking” furniture, and a house seeking to become a minimalistic home that has order instead of old or non-joy sparking items purchased from the clearance rack at the closet craft/hobby store.
*mic drop*
Thanks for stopping by!
We’d love to have you link up with us today!
Marie 🙂

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  1. I can't wait to see Eliza's room!! Just show us! 🙂

    I love that headboard, but the bench is sweet too!

    And I sooo need some minimalism in my life too! I'm having another garage sale in the spring because we just have way too much!

  2. First of all, thank you so much for the "sweet" shout out! Hahahaha. You rock! I'll be doing a New Year's resolution check-in soon, so I'll be linking up again at some point!

    Second of all – I'm dying to see Eliza's room and I'm with Lizzie… just show us already! ;o)

    Third – THAT HEADBOARD!!!! YOU NEED IT! It is beautiful!

    Finally, decluttering. Oh my. I think I did a fantastic job with my closet and dresser, and I think I'm doing a great job on my office so far, but oh jeez, I don't even want to think about getting to the kids' stuff. It's been pretty easy to clean out my own, but someone else's stuff? Impossible!

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