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I thought I’d do a phone-photo-drop for this summer recap!  Boy-oh-boy, have we been busy this summer!  The best kind of busy.  Let’s get to it! 
I’d say that summer officially starts for us when we go on our annual vacation to South Haven.  We absolutely love our state of Michigan and spending time near one of the Great Lakes is a perfect way to kick off the summer.  We rented this adorable house and stayed for a week.  Lots of memories were made and we can’t wait for next year!

We arrived back home and quickly went to work on our fishing skills.

The weather has been beautiful this summer and we’ve enjoyed many picnics.
Although, we did have to move the party indoors on rainy days.  A perfect excuse to go to the movie theater! 
We took Eliza to her first movie.  She sat the entire time and she ate lots of popcorn!  We had so much fun.
Henry has spent his summer working on his engineering skills.

We took the kids to a Fly-In!  We met two retired commercial pilots and they were sooooo nice.  I asked them if they can see us when we wave from the ground.  One pilot mentioned that if he sees a person waving he’ll move his plane from side to side. 
After talking for about fifteen minutes, they took off; we waved and the pilot tipped his wings from side to side.  We were all so excited!
Fourth of July was awesome!
I ran a race.  Ignore my face.  Haha!  Henry was cheering me on and it was adorable!

The kids were wonderful little cheerleaders!

Our neighbors hosted their annual 4th of July bash and some awesome friends of ours showed up with this inflatable.  To say we had fun is a major understatement!
Eliza went on her first jet ski ride!
Mommy continued her jogging.

In fact (and let me be annoying for a second), I had my best mile time EVER this summer!  If you see below it says 6:54!!!!


We headed over to the other side of the state to visit Grandpa George and Grandma Terri.  My SIL and BIL were there, too.  The kids loved playing with their cousins!

We also went to a family reunion for my side of the family.  This is my Aunt Vicki.  Yes, she’s awesome.  No, that’s not a garbage can (it’s some sort of game).  She was trying to make the kids laugh!  This explains a lot about me and my family.  😉  I love this lady!

We played in our backyard.
I took the kids to the zoo.

We visited the park.


Eliza officially stopped nursing.  I wish I had an actual picture of the last day.  She still asks for “baba” and it breaks my heart that I can no longer give it to her.  It makes me so, so, so sad…
*hold me*

But, as you can see, Eliza’s a happy, growing girl…and she’s a princess.  Well, that’s what she tells me anyway. 😉

We took the kids antiquing!  Henry ended up getting a bubble gum machine, which he calls his “maker.”  We haven’t actually put bubble gum inside, we did, however, put in M&Ms!

Henry has been requesting to go and play in the “fountains” located in front of our city hall!  I don’t know what took us so long to take him.  Lots of fun and lots of water in the face!

Last, but not least…we’ve enjoyed lots of lake time and swimming over here!

 It’s been a great summer!  August seems to continue to be busy, so I’ll be back with another summer recap. 

Thanks for stopping by!

How is your summer going?  Be sure to link up!!!  🙂

Happy Summer!
Marie 🙂 

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  1. What a great recap!! You guys have stayed busy!! Ending nursing makes me sad :(…I may be one of those creepy moms who just keeps giving it! I kid, I kid…eh, just have another one, you look so calm surrounded by 6 kids on a boat, I'd you can do that with a smile, you can do anything!

  2. Love the recap! It looks like you had a really fun summer!
    Liam stopped nursing 2 weeks ago. I'm really proud that he made it until almost 2, but I do miss it!
    We still have a few weeks of summer vacation left, which concludes with our trip to the beach, but I'll try to link up!

  3. How did I miss this awesome post!? You have had an amazing summer!! Love your South Haven pics! That place is the best, we've gone 3 years now but next year our annual vaca is going to be in WI (boo, wasn't my choice, LOL) I really want to head up to Traverse City or Torch Lake, ever been to those areas??

    Way to go on the nursing Mama! I just stopped with Avery, she was biting way too much for me to handle!

    Loved all the pics 🙂

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