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Christmas – Around Our Home.

Christmas Eve is tomorrow and Christmas day is in two days?!  Wow.  I feel like this was the fastest December in the history of Decembers.  Who’s with me?
Regardless of how fast the days have gone, we’ve managed to decorate, shop, wrap, laugh and cuddle all month long, which in my book is perfection.
We still have a few little things to accomplish, but all-in-all, I’d say we’re good.
The one thing I haven’t done is share my Christmas Home Tour.
I kept it pretty simple and low budget this year.  Let me show you around. 
It’s amazing how a super long $12 garland from Home Depot can be used all around the home and transform a space.  Love it.
The branches are from our only tree in our front yard and the tin, cones, and the-oh-so-beloved-blog-land-skis are all from the Target dollar spot.  Score!  
Christmas Home Tour - Family and the Lake House

Christmas Home Tour - Family and the Lake House
The Joy sign I made with Sara, from The Hayes Homestead, last year at a Home Depot workshop.  It was free to make, but we had to purchase the lights if we wanted battery powered ones.  The mirror (already had) is from Hobby Lobby and I already owned the cute little wreath.  We don’t have any special stockings to put up year after year (I love that some of you do…*sigh*), so I’m a little cray cray every December and purchase a new one…or two…okay, okayI have a stocking problem!  This year I was good and only purchased one, repeat ONE, and it was from the grocery store.  
Score numero tres!
Christmas Home Tour - Family and the Lake House
Heading over across the room (I’d show you the entire room, but that would entail shoving the toys again that I just shoved to the side to take this picture *wink*) you’ll see this pretty decorated bookcase that Jon and I bought from an estate sale that was held this past year here in our town.
It’s been serving its purpose well, and I was thrilled to decorate it for Christmas.
I once again used the garland from Home Depot, I borrowed the mirror, the lantern, the chalkboard, and the pitcher from different rooms in our home, and I displayed a Pottery Barn-inspired-glitter-tree-craft, as well as a photo of my kids with Santa.
Oh and I drew antlers.  Then I stopped.  Because…well, an artist I am not.
But…see the framing around the chalkboard?  It’s actually very thin and blue.  I wanted a thicker look when I suddenly thought to put my burlap and gold trimmed ribbon around it to give the appearance of a thicker trim!  Umm…it should probably go viral.  I kid, I kid…kind of…
But seriously, I was so proud that I didn’t feel the need to go out and purchase a new chunky looking chalkboard.  The possibilities with ribbon are endless.
Christmas Home Tour - Family and the Lake House
Henry made this blue gingerbread man as a gift for Jon and I.  He also made a little orange star.  I’m really loving all the things he’s been making this year at school.  It’s all so special.
The cute kitten behind the gingerbread man was my Grandpa’s ornament.  My mom gave it to us and I’m so, so happy she did.  Isn’t he the cutest?
Christmas Home Tour - Family and the Lake House
Here’s Eliza’s little tree in her room.  She wanted a pink tree.  She picked out the ornaments and decorated it and everything.  I think I’ve only moved a few ornaments for her, other than that, I’ve left it to be her original Christmas display.  She loves pink and all bright colors.  In fact, when we were at Hobby Lobby picking out our trees, she also fell in love with a lamp with a bright pink lampshade and a bright orange base…not really sure it would go with the color scheme of her bedroom.  
Love her!

Christmas Home Tour - Family and the Lake House
Henry also has a tree in his room, but I didn’t want to move his current “project” that’s taking up the entire room (AKA all-the-things-everywhere), so I’ll just show you this Storybook Quote Art that I made for him with some cute little Santa hats draped over it.  Simple, cute, and easy!

Christmas Home Tour - Family and the Lake House
The kitchen has some Christmas flare, too!  I purchased this cute, little boxwood wreath from the Painted Farm Girl Flea this past fall from The Golden Sycamore.  I’ve had it hanging in this place ever since and I loooove it!  Perfect for any season.

Christmas Home Tour - Family and the Lake House

The other side of the kitchen displays another Painted Farm Girl Flea find, the Michigan cutting board.  A bottle of liquor from my neighbor from last Christmas and a sign that our good friends had made for us are also displayed on the counter.  The sign is super fitting because Jon actually grew up on a Christmas tree farm, so it’s pretty awesome.  I think I might actually leave it out on display all year long this year.
Christmas Home Tour - Family and the Lake House
Well, there you have it.
Our simple little Christmas Home Tour.
I’ll leave you with this adorable photo of my kids with Santa (at a safe distance, of course)!
Happy Everything, everyone!
Christmas Home Tour - Family and the Lake House
Best Wishes,
Marie 🙂

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  1. MARIE!!!! I love all of this so SO much! Your home is just stunning and I love the fact that you have one of your Grandpa's old ornaments. How special. I know you'll treasure that forever.

    Also, this little snippet of Eliza's room makes me hungry for more! I can't WAIT to see it all finished!

    Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family!!

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