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In the Guest Bathroom

I know what you’re thinking, “Marie, you haven’t even finished your Desk Nook Area, yet!”  Well, unfortunately that “nook area” entails a trip to IKEA and the nearest one is over 2 hours away. 
Alas, I’ll have to focus my energy on other projects and wail over the fact that our new desktop is still sitting in the corner of our kitchen…on the floor …and on the countertops.  Talk about design.  😉  LOL!  
So it’s off to our teeny, tiny, dark basement guest bathroom.

This space gets used constantly by guests.  It needs to offer a cleaner, crisper and lighter feel.  I had painted it this pretty blue-ish color before my son’s 1st birthday 3 years ago, but nothing else ever came of it.  Let’s just say, it’s time to take a different approach.

Okay, so here we go…
This is our basement guest bathroom as it stands right now…
Before Picture

Not much going on, amiright?  Well except for that rusty vent cover and the dirty shower curtain.  Yikes!

This is the direction in which I’d like to take the space…

A lighter color and some board and batten should help with the darkness issues.  I also plan on painting the vanity white (the one below is listed only as an inspiration piece).  I was totally inspired by Megan, over at itsagrandvillelife, with her cabinet makeover.  Go and check out her bathroom.  It looks great!

So, here ya’ go, another mood board for ya’ll.  

Family and the Lake House - Guest Bathroom Mood Board
Mirror          Shower Curtain          Hooks          
Rug          Canister          Vanity          
Paint – Sea Salt by Sherwinn Williams
Board and Batten (thanks to younghouselove for their tutorial- I still miss them – sad face)
Oh and did I mention that I’m hoping to stay under $100 for the entire project?  
Any helpful hints/tricks out there for me?
Wish me luck!
Marie 🙂  
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  1. Hi, Marie!
    I'm always a fan of board n' batten, and great mood board! If you're planning to paint your existing sink cabinet, really consider General Finishes milk paint (I get mine from Woodcraft). You can skip spending time/money on primer and can just start painting (looks like you'd only need a pint from what I see in the pictures). It dries super fast too, so you could have a brand spankin' new cabinet in a matter of hours! Love the stuff! 🙂
    On another note, I miss younghouse too 🙁

  2. Yayy one of my projects paid off and inspired someone!! I absolutely love the mood board that you created! I have sea salt in my bathroom and office and absolutely love it -good choice!! Also, I knew exactly where the mirror and shower curtain were from without even having to click on the link aka I LOVE and have looked at them myself! I actually was going to get that shower curtain for my sea salt master bathroom but it's a stall shower so it wasn't the right size. So instead I used that pattern for the euro shams in my bedroom:) As for how to save money, make sure to use a 20% off coupon if you end up buying that shower curtain! I can't wait to see how it turns out!!

  3. Where do you create your mood boards? I've always wanted to create some. I cant wait to see how your bathroom turns out! In Canada I shop at HomeSense for cheaper priced accent items. I think its under the TJX umbrella, but not sure what the US equivalent is for HomeSense, but you could probably stay under your budget buying lots of items there 🙂 Also, I think Benjamin Moore offers free paint sample mini cans – so that might be enough for your vanity mirror, to you wouldn't have to actually buy it 🙂

  4. I create my mood boards using free mood board templates that I find online. I seriously just google them and then download it. Super easy. It took me a little while to get the hang of it, but now they're so fun! Oh and thanks so much for all the shopping tips and information! 🙂

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