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Weekend Update – Home Style

First off, let me start by asking how your Daylight Savings is going?  I’m a tad out of sorts over here!  Nothing a little coffee can’t fix!  AmIRight?!
If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that the guest bathroom is almost finished.  I shared a little sneak peek over there, but here’s another one for ya’ just in case you missed it…
Family and the Lake House - Guest Bathroom
In other home decor news, Jon and I bought a piece of furniture over the weekend!
A few weeks ago I read in the local paper that a beautiful home here in our town – which goes by the name of Castle House – was going to be having an Estate Sale.  I wasn’t really sure if we’d buy anything, but with a name like, Castle House, I just had to go inside and see it!  
It was gorgeous, indeed.
While walking around, I’m pretty sure I spent about five-hundred-bucks in my head!  There was a lot of ooooing and aaaahhhing going on.  I’m sure Jon found me extremely annoying.  
There was one piece of furniture that I kept walking by and I couldn’t shake it.  From the moment I saw it, I could visualize it in our home.  So, a little negotiating and a U-Haul trailer rental later, it was ours!!!
Nubs the Cat will be filling in for Vanna White as our model since Ms. White was unable to attend due to game show obligations.  He sure is a handsome cat model, if I do say so myself.
Family and the Lake House - Vintage Book Case
I just love the hinges and the old cracks of paint.  I love the glass doors.  I love the height and width of this furniture.  It’s heavy.  It’s old.  It feels so right in our home. 
It also has a story.  The woman selling the Castle House told me all about this bookcase, which makes it that much more special!  
Upon leaving, I also asked the owner of the home where they were going.  I know-I know, it sounds like I was prying for info, but I promise it was all casual and not too stalker-ish – LOL.  He mentioned that they’re heading to Grand Rapids and that his daughters and his wife own and run Good Soul Vintage on Etsy!  Go check them out.  They’re so nice!
It was a great weekend.
What do you think of the bathroom and new piece of furniture?  Any projects/furniture buying/decorating going on in your home?
Do tell. 
Thanks for reading!
Marie 🙂

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  1. Oh that is gorgeous! I love the new age antique look to it. And your cat is way better than any Price is Right/Wheel of Fortune Model. Once we finish Sophia, my next step I to buy a few accents that can babyproof any corners before she starts crawling 🙂

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