Disney 2016

Disney Recap – Day #5

Day 5, and the last day at Magic Kingdom, started off a bit rushed.  I wouldn’t say we slept in, but it took us a little longer than previous days to get out the door. We had to be back in Fantasyland first thing in the morning for a Fast Passed ride, Peter Pan’s Flight….

Disney Recap – Day #4

Before I begin, let me start by saying that Henry was indeed on this trip with us.  He preferred to watch the characters from a safe distance rather than having his picture taken with them.  As a result, he’s not in as many pictures as Eliza.  Believe me, he was having a blast, so no…

Disney Recap – Days #1 & #2

I’m bAAAaaack and yup, you read the title correctly, Disney Recap numero uno!  I’m about to bombard this little blog of mine with pictures upon pictures of our recent trip to the Happiest Place on Earth…this is going to go on for days, people…days I say!  #sorrynotsorry So, if you came here for home decor ideas…