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Disney Recap – Day #5

Day 5, and the last day at Magic Kingdom, started off a bit rushed.  I wouldn’t say we slept in, but it took us a little longer than previous days to get out the door.
We had to be back in Fantasyland first thing in the morning for a Fast Passed ride, Peter Pan’s Flight.  Which by the way is another ride that consistently had 90 minute wait times.  
I asked Jon to snap a photo of me as I was kinda-sorta pretending to be exhausted from speed walking from one end of the park to the other.
After having made the ride, with time to spare, mind you, we ventured over to Tom Sawyer’s Island.  
This place is a must.  A must, I say!
A little raft takes you over to the island and while visiting, you’ll come across caves, rocking bridges, and a fort.  
Let me tell you, this is every little boy’s dream.  
We didn’t stay more that 45 minutes because we had to leave to get over to a couple more Fast Passed rides.  In hindsight, I wish we would’ve stayed on Tom Sawyer’s Island longer.  
The kids were loving this place!
While the kids were running ahead of us, Jon and I stopped to take a couple of photos…because we’re awesome parents like that.  😉
When back on the “mainland,” we watched some shows, rode a couple more rides and then we finally, FINALLY treated ourselves to the famous Dole Whip.

All ya’ll weren’t kidding when you said this stuff was good!

The day was quickly passing by and I knew there were still a few more attractions that we hadn’t visited, one being, Enchanted Tales with Belle.  
Being that, Beauty and the Beast, is my favorite Disney (Princess) movie, I HAD to see what it was all about.
I couldn’t Fast Pass this one, so once I saw it was only a 30 minute wait, I told the family to get-a-move-on!
It was a true 30 minute wait and it was the longest we had to wait for any ride/attraction.
It was, once again, tooootally worth the wait.

After meeting Belle, the time had come to meet Anna and Elsa.  I took Eliza into a store and told her to pick out any dress she wanted.  
I know what you’re thinking, “But, Marie, she’s wearing an Elsa dress and wasn’t she going to meet Anna and Elsa?”
Truth be told, not only was it our last opportunity to buy a dress, but I also wanted her to be wearing something that wasn’t soooo……..well, raggety.  You guys, she wears that Elsa dress so much that it has giant holes in it; it was/is falling apart.  
I wanted her to feel like a princess, because…well, there’s no reason other than, I’m her Mother and that’s what I wanted.  Okay, so…it was more for me than for her….  Who cares?!  Right?!
Anyhoo, she picked out a Snow White dress……..she looked lovely and it made her happy…and I was happy, too.  Ha!  🙂

Our last day at the Magic Kingdom was coming to an end.
We had time for one more Fast Pass, so I told Jon to go and use it.  
We would’ve used Rider Switch, but Henry and Eliza were all about meeting Peter Pan.  The kids and I waited another 20 minutes for Peter to arrive.  I figured they’d be thrilled to meet him and I was hoping…oh-so-hoping…that Henry would finally jump in for a photo!
While Jon was off doing this…
I stayed back to watch both my kids have an emotional meltdown in front of Peter Pan.
They weren’t having it.  They weren’t having it at all.  
At one point Eliza ran into the photographer, then she ran into the wall and then she finally ran into me.
Poor kids.
Poor Eliza.
Poor Peter.

Things got better, though.
Eliza, once again, passed out (but only for about 5 minutes)…
…and then we had reservations to have dinner back at our hotel with Cinderella, Prince Charming, the Evil Step-Mother, and the Wicked Step-Sisters.
All the characters were amazing!
(Eliza was thrilled, don’t let that face fool you)
Move over, Cinderella…let me have a turn!

Jon and I loved, loved, loooooved the Wicked Step-Sisters and the Evil Step-Mother.
Their mannerisms were spot on and the way they talked to us was hilarious.

The Step-Mother was everything you’d expect.  
She was elegant, arrogant and intimidating.
She was amazing!

Let me say that again – 


Mama’s dessert.  Yes, yes I did eat all of that deliciousness.  

Here’s Henry’s one and only picture (well, technically two) with a character that night.
I’ll take it!

Daddy’s little girl.
After dinner, a Disney Photographer waited outside of the restaurant and she snapped a few pictures of Eliza and Mommy.

We walked back to our room after yet another long day at the Happiest Place on Earth!

Oh and once in the room, I had to take a selfie of me wearing the shirt I wore all day.  Unfortunately, it was hidden under a long-sleeved shirt due to the weather being a bit chilly.  I paid for this sucker, so I needed proof that I wore it!  LOL!

The Magic Kingdom was indeed a magical experience (pun intended).  
Jon, myself and the kids made so many wonderful memories together and I’m sooooo happy we spent as much time there as we did.
Ok, so, one more post, you guys…one more post!
Thanks for stopping by and looking at a katrillion photos!  You all rock!
Marie 🙂

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  1. Another amazing day! I've heard so much about those dang Dole Whips and I want to try one soooo bad!! Waaaahhhh!

    And oh my goodness, Belle's dress!!!! Can I PLEASE get one of those?! It is just gorgeous! I would totally get a gig at Disney World just so I could wear that all day!!

  2. I don't think we even ever had a dole whip!! But we did eat some delicious chicken and waffles at the Magic Kingdom. Enchanted Tales with Belle was one of my favorites! I love those pictures of you and Eliza in her Snow White dress

  3. We totally missed out on Tom Sawyer's Island. Such a bummer since it sounds like it was a big hit for you guys! Those Dole Whips sure are yummy. I got one to share with Mila and she didn't like it. More for me!! Eliza in that sweet Snow White dress hamming it up with Elsa and Anna is so, so cute! Loving these recaps! You guys did so much while you were there!

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