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A Unicorn Poop Potty Training Party

After almost a year of potty training, it’s finally time to announce that Jane is officially potty trained and we’re celebrating her by throwing a Unicorn Poop Potty Training Party!

I say that Jane was given to me/us so that I’d never ever judge another parent on their potty training journey.  Henry and Eliza potty trained within days…daaaaays, people.  Jane, nope.  We started…….then stopped……….then started again, but wished we would have stopped………but kept going and finally, FINALLY after a year, Jane’s officially in underwear!!!

Sweet Janie used to always say to me, “No worry, Mama.  I do it.”  It was the most adorable thing ever, but to be honest I was exhausted and just plain over it…and I have the grey hairs to prove it.  Haha!

Since she worked so hard I had promised her a poop party!  She later specifically asked for a unicorn poop party.  Done.  Haha!

We don’t have any family nearby, so knowing that my sister and a couple of her kids would be in town for an hour or two I quickly planned the quickest little poop party there ever was.  LOL!
The neighbor boys were outside later in the day and I told the kids to go tell them to come over for a poop party after dinner.  Hahaha!  It’s not every day you hear that!  I sooooo wish my neighbor Amy could’ve been here but she had just left out of town.  However, when I say it was a quick party, I mean it, so she didn’t miss much.
We all sang, “Happy Poop Party,” to the tune of “Happy Birthday.”  Jane opened one gift, a little pooping dog toy and that was it.  It was basically 45 seconds, tops.  L to the O to the L!  Hahaha!  It took me longer to frost five cupcakes.
I provided unicorn poop cupcakes, one random box of Little Debbie Unicorn treats (that I had never heard of before *shrugs shoulders*), Skittles as unicorn droppings and lemonade for well… you know…
Jane dressed for the occasion in her favorite Cinderella dress and mismatched shoes…
…and we partied for 45 seconds!  LOL!
Jane was thrilled.  We kept our promise and now Jon and I have officially potty trained three kids.
 Phew!  Please send wine. 😉
Marie 🙂

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