Hello Monday on a Wednesday!

It’s Hello Monday on a Wednesday!
Today I’m recapping the last week and a half and for some reason it’s been taking me foooooorever to post.  Well, I suppose I know the reason…my wee little children.  LOL!  We’ve been busy and having fun, so it seems blogging and Marie-time are still currently on the backburner – but we’ve been making the best memories.  
Thursday – July 7th
Jane had her Nature Class and they painted dragonflies.  I thought it was one of the cutest crafts ever!
Jane explored the river…
She found all sorts of finds for her nature bucket…

Eliza loved joining in on the fun!

The teacher gave Henry and Eliza clipboards for another nature hunt and Jane finished her dragonfly…

Once Jon was out of work we headed to his parents’ house.  We checked out their new patio and enjoyed visiting outside.
Friday – July 8th
July 8th was my Dad’s Birthday.  We had originally planned to have a gathering at my parents’ house, but my Dad landed himself in the hospital.  He’s currently in the rehab part of the hospital and so the celebration we thought we were going to have didn’t occur, so we celebrated in his comfy hospital room instead.
It was so nice to visit him.  I just wish we lived closer so that I could get over and see him more often. 
My sister, Kim, fixing my Dad’s curly hair.  He was already tired, but I think this felt really good to him.  Oh my heart.
We headed home and got some Chick Fil A for dinner.
Saturday – July 9th
We headed to a friends’ house for a visit.  It was nice catching up and letting the kids play.  
Sunday – July 10th
The kids and I put together our old PVC pipe car wash.  They had a blast and played with this for hours!
On Sunday evening, Henry and Eliza started Theatre Camp!  They were a little hesitant as I dropped them off, but luckily one of my best friends, Holly, dropped off her daughter, Adeline, so they knew at least one other person…
Monday (this past week)
The kids were dropped off at Theatre Camp – camp lasted every day from 9-12.  Jane and I ran some errands, colored and then got ready to meet our friend, Holly, at the splash pad.
No sass whatsoever with this one….  Haha!  I just love her!!!
We had another errand to run before meeting up and while en route, Jane drew this rainbow!
Splash pad time!
On Tuesday, the kids went to camp, Jane and I went for a run and then we visited a new cafe/coffee shop in town!
Anytime throughout the week this is how I’d find Eliza.  We’re always waiting for her to get in the car…ALWAYS.  Girlfriend brings EVERYTHING with her and yes, those are socks, clean socks, hanging from her mouth…
She said, and I quote, “I was getting water and snacks because I’m the responsible one.”  Bahahaha!
Truth she did grab things, but again, she didn’t tell me she needed them as they provide water and snacks at the camp.  *shrugs shoulders*
Sometime during the week
Jane is finally getting more comfortable with swimming in the water.  This is a season of life (being 3) of living on a lake that can be difficult.  We’ve always wanted the kids to be comfortable with and around the water, but also to understand the dangers, too.  
The kids had another day of camp and Jane and I went for another jog…
Henry and Eliza had one more day of Theatre Camp on Friday morning and then in the afternoon they had rehearsal from 1-5.  I went with some friends to dinner at 6 and then headed home around 9:30 for some much needed rest.
Janie was looking super cute!
On Saturday morning, Henry and Eliza attended our local Popcorn Theater show as part of their camp.  I made sure to buy tickets for Jon, myself and Jane.  It was weird not sitting next to them.

The show was so cute – The Jungle Book.  The actors are part of the Professional Theater held in the evenings and on the weekends – I’m so grateful Popcorn Theater is back!
Henry and Eliza found us and joined us in eating popcorn!

After the show Jon and I grabbed some lattes, we headed home to get Jane down for an early nap, our friend, Josh, stopped by super fast as he was driving through Michigan to grab some leftover items they had left at the 4th party and then before we knew it, it was time to meet back up at the theater.
The kids were excited!!!
Everyone did a spectacular job!  The group was made up of fourth through eight graders.  The director mentioned that when the program started they basically had to beg for 8 kids to join back in 2018/2019.  Now it had grown to 44 kids and many had never been on stage before, including Henry.  The kiddos learned 11 songs – lyrics and choreography over the course of a week.  The audience really supported them and applauded their every effort!
Henry was upset at one point because he had to say, “Goodnight love,” he’s very much into not wanting to have crushes.  It was almost comical to me how much he despised having to say that small sentence to another girl.  I ensured him that it’s acting and all pretend, so it wasn’t a big deal.  He said the sentence with confidence and nailed it!  Ha!

Proud of these two!

Grandma and Grandpa came to watch the show!
We then went to dinner at a lake to the south of us.
After dinner we went back to our house and George and Terri went kayaking.  Eliza made brownies and then the kids crashed.  They were exhausted!!!

Phew!  Okay, I’m feeling all caught up!
Thanks as always for stopping by!
Marie 🙂
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  1. I'm so sorry to see that your dad is in the hospital. I hope he's on the mend now! And I'm cracking up at Eliza with all of her things that she's bringing to the car. That is Olivia!! She brings like 10 stuffed animals and 500 other things every single time we leave! Haha.

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