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Hey there, friends!
We had a suuuuuper busy week last week!  I spent the majority of our time driving Henry to and fro to LEGO Robotics Camp in Indiana all week last week.  Add in laundry, dishes, chasing a toddler, cooking dinner, running of errands and attempting to stay on a nap time schedule and that left me with zero time for blogging.
I also went to see my Dad on Friday and then again yesterday (Sunday) – it’s a four hour roundtrip drive.  I’m so happy we went to see him.  I went alone on Friday and Jon held down the fort on Friday.  Jon wanted to see him yesterday so we plopped the kids in the car and, boy, they were troopers.  The kids were also able to see my Dad.  Before heading in I was sure to inform them that Grandpa is still Grandpa…he’s just sick.  I’m so grateful a nurse let us all go in.  We had exactly 15 minutes to say, “Hello,” and to love on him.  
With all that heaviness on my heart (our hearts), we’ve been making memories and Jon and I have really been trying to be truly present with our kids.
I took the kids to the zoo about two weeks ago and my heart was so full of joy spending time with the kids.  I’ve already posted here and there about our little zoo trip, but this simple trip made me so very happy that I felt it deserved a place here on the blog.
Our last time visiting the zoo was in 2020.  Things were still very strange and Jane was not quite 11/2.  I remember the zoo being fun, but rather stressful…for a multitude of reasons.  We never made it to the zoo last summer, so I was determined to get there this year.
We had the best time and my favorite, the train, was up and running.  I love riding the train with the kids.  Henry and Eliza were still very much into it, too!  We started our day with pictures on some sculptures…
All three kids were trying to figure out where to sit on the big bear.  It was entire ordeal, but they eventually figured it out.
We loved this chalk wall and music garden.
That smile!
Love these kiddos so much…

This panda was the cutest.
The kids were all about the carousel, too!
Well, sort of…  Bahahahahaha!!!
We headed over to the giraffes and made sure to feed them.  I was, at this point, giving the kids the entire zoo experience.  We had the fed goats, rode the train, rode the carousel, ate lunch, fed the giraffes and ice cream was on the horizon.
This was so much fun!
Off we went to find the lions…
…and find them we did!!!!
Talk about up close.  We had even left the exhibit because the lions weren’t out but rushed back to be this close when they finally appeared!
Seriously, so cool!
This was THE closest we have EVER been to a lion!

The kids took turns “driving” the school bus in Africa!

I received two points for the “Golden Apple” (AKA parent of the week)!  LOL!
Leaving Africa…

Completely exhausted…

This was the longest we’ve ever stayed at a zoo and while the kids were tired, I had to fulfill my promise of ice cream!
Eliza’s so funny!

We stopped to see an owl and then another sculpture picture…

We were misted on our way out!  It felt great!

This pretty girl.  

We had the most lovely time.
I love taking these kids in…and slowing down…and being in the moment.  We had the most beautiful zoo day.
I hope you and yours are enjoying these last days of summer before school begins.
Thanks, as always, for stopping by!
Marie 🙂
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