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It’s Friday!

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I’m so excited for the weekend!  We have absolutely nothing planned and it’s sooooo needed.  Rumor has it we may head out to dinner at some point and it seems lots of ice cream is also on the agenda.  WooHoo!


Last summer Henry and Eliza handed out a “Golden Apple” for the parent who did the most with them throughout the week – one must give accordingly:  Action, Activity, Education and Fun.

Well, the “Golden Apple” competition is back and I won on Sunday night!  Ha!  The kids gave me a golden banana because the apples we had were all rotting, so instead, I was given a “Golden Banana!”  I won by one point because I want a dog.  Bahaha!

So funny!

Eliza drew a picture of me with said hypothetical dog.  


On Monday I took the kids to the pool.

It reminded me of how far I’ve come and how much Jane has grown.  One of the last times I took them to the pool by myself, which was moooonths ago, I ended up in tears because it was so overwhelming to have three kids, trying to watch all three in a pool, changing of a diaper and attempting to help three kids get dry.

It was a hot mess and honestly, I’ve been reluctant to go back unless Jon is with me, BUT – we went and all went extremely well!!!  In fact, it was sooooo easy!  Henry and Eliza are great swimmers these days and they enjoyed playing together.  Jane made a friend and she’s learning to swim with her life jacket on.  It wasn’t too long ago that she refused to even let go of us.  All this to say, I’m proud of how far we’ve come!  It only took three years…but here we are.  😉 Ha!


Speaking of Jane – I purchased Jane’s preschool dress from Stitchy Fish!

I’m so excited for her to go to preschool!!!  Jane’s such a little social butterfly and I just know she’ll love it.  She’ll be attending the same preschool as Henry and Eliza attended, but she’ll have a new preschool teacher and I’m just praying that all goes well.

One thing’s for sure, she sure will look adorable in this little dress!


Like I mentioned above, we also headed to the zoo and I’ll be doing a full recap of our little trip next week.

 You guys, this little moment right here – of us getting on the little zoo train had my heart bursting!

I used to take Henry and Eliza to the zoo way back when they were Jane’s age and we’d sing certain little train songs as we rode along.  My heart almost burst that we were finally able to get back on the train as it had been closed since 2020 and once again the fact that we were all having the best time and I was managing the three kids alone made me feel almost empowered and beyond thrilled to have the energy to be so happy with and around the kids. 


Bear Spray


We’re heading up to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in two weeks and Jon wants to walk some trails.

The last time we were in the U.P. (which was probably about 12 years ago), we visited a lot of places but we didn’t really go on any trails…aaaaaand we didn’t have kids.  With three kids in tow this time around and the potential for bear, I’m taking this bear spray with me and nobody’s going to stop me.  I linked it just in case you’re also thinking about walking amongst the bears.  Bahaha!!!

Okay, that’s about it for me this week!
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Marie 🙂

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  1. Oh my word, that dress is darling!

    So glad y'all had a fun time swimming! It is magical once your kiddos reach the age where they are independent most of the time! I finally started taking our kiddos to the pool without B this summer, too, and it has been awesome!

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