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Okay, so I’m back with a little post about our landscaping plans.
This may possibly be the world’s worst photo editing/photoshopping job there ever wasBUT – I really think it’s helping us to truly visualize what we’d like to do in this space.
This entire corner is our garage.  As you can imagine, it’s very dark inside without there being any windows.  We finally pulled the trigger and actually have a window that’ll be installed, but not until later this summer.  
From the backyard/lake, this space looks like a giant box.  The window will help, but it also needs to be hugged by lots of happy plants.
Du-du-du duuuuuuunnnnn!!!
I give you, Marie’s not-so-professional landscaping editing job!
But for real, PicMonkey helped so much, even though it’s a bit rough!
We plan to bring River Rocks over to this side of the house and eliminate all mulch from the backyard for easy upkeep.  This area also gets tons of sun and not the best drainage.  We also want to take into consideration that this is where our kids and the neighbor boys like to sled, so keeping the landscaping close to the house and away from their “hill” will help a ton.
I’ve incorporated some Junipers, Black-Eyed Susans, Lavender and Limelight Hydrangeas!  Our neighbors to the north incorporated some large rocks into their landscaping, so we thought that might look neat, too, especially since it may bring in a lake-ish type vibe.
The hardest parts will be removing all the dirt and then moving in the stone, but Jon and I are feeling like we can make this happen!
Oh, and I’d love to put in some Adirondack chairs in this area, too…aaaaaaand possibly some sort of a dwarf tree for a bit of shade, but that’s still up in the air.
I’d absolutely love to hear what you think.  What are some of your favorite plants/bushes/trees?  Am I missing anything?
Thanks for stopping by, especially for this type of a blog post!  It means so much!
Marie 🙂

Below are some of the ideas in this post AND most are from Amazon.  Can you believe that?  Plants from Amazon – what a world!

Adirondack Chairs

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