Blogging Thoughts.

This is a super vulnerable post for me.

Picture for attention… 😉

The morning I woke up for Disney Dining Reservations.  Ha!

I’ll try to keep it relatively short and simple.

Did you know that I’ve been blogging since 2012?  Actually, I think I made up some blog names back in 2011.  

I started off not knowing a thing about blogging, I went at it decently strong, then I fell apart… again… and again…and again…

I’ve watched so many bloggers have great success and my heart is honestly and truly happy for every single blogger that’s out there killing it!  For me, however, I’ve felt so dang behind and sometimes I think, “woulda, coulda, shoulda,” you know, with blogging, and a career in general.

Something about me turning 39 motivated me to start blogging again.  I’m really attempting to stay consistent, not so much with blogging/posting the same time every day, but to at least get up a blog post once a day, or at least until I feel like I can’t anymore.

With Jane heading to preschool in the fall, I know I’ll have five more hours per week to focus on me…or the laundry…or working out.  I’d love to choose for the time to be used for blogging…and to be honest, what I really mean is – sharing our lives, but making money while doing so…there I said it.

Being a SAHM is such a thankless and lonely job.  My efforts at the end of the day are rewarded with snuggles and stories on the couch, which is the best payment one could ever receive.  Unfortunately, there’s no paycheck.

I’d love to contribute.

I’d love to prove it to myself that I can help out the family.  I’d love for the kids to watch me bring in some money for their books for college someday or for new shoes for the school year.  There’s really not much I can do in the next two years where I can work and still stay home with Jane – and it puts me in such a pickle.  I’m thinking I can substitute teach on Fridays when Jon is home, so that could help, but that won’t start until fall.  In the meantime, I might as well give this blogging thing more of a shot.

So, here I am…putting this out there, and friends, I could use all the help I can get…I’ll take any info you’ve got.

Okay, phew…why was that so hard?  Maybe it’s because I feel like I’m owning it now?  Maybe this hobby could possibly turn into more than that?  How amazing would that be?  

Okay, so, that’s a piece of my blogging heart for the day and another blog post in the books.

Thanks, as always, for sticking around.

Marie 🙂


  1. Blogging to make money is hard, and I feel like the more and more the different social media platforms take off, the less and less people are actually reading blogs. That said, it is still possible to make money doing it, and my #1 piece of advice is to stay consistent with your posting so your readers always know when and where to find you. Second of all – PINTEREST. The majority of my traffic still comes from Pinterest. It has changed a ton in the last couple of years, though, so my traffic has decreased significantly, but it is still a great way to get your content seen by others.

    Just please please don't think you need to prove yourself to anyone by making money blogging. You are already a ROCKSTAR. Think about everything that you do for your family… you are literally the keeper of all the things, and I'm sure your household would fall apart without you. Sure, you don't get paid, but the time and love that you're putting in to serve your people is absolutely priceless.

    I, for one, am stoked that you're blogging again and you'll always have a loyal reader and supporter in me!

  2. Girl, this made me cry. It's so hard to feel this way, because I know I can't do too many things at once well, but I also know that Jon carries this family and sometimes it makes me feel absolutely terrible. SAHMs are hard to come by and then one who doesn't earn anything through a blog or MLMs or selling painted furniture is even harder to find…actually they've nearly become extinct. This is such a lonely world sometimes, but the most rewarding, too. Gah! It's all so difficult. I appreciate you so much and I appreciate this comment more than you know. Thanks, girl! You're the best!

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