Friday Favorites

It’s Friday Favorites Time!

I’m joining in on the Friday fun, a day late, with Andrea at Momfessionals and Erika over at A Little Bit of Everything.


Yesterday, April 1st, was my birthday!  WooHoo!!!
We had a fun day of getting some lattes, going to TJ MAXX, visiting Target and getting Chick-Fil-A!!!
I can’t believe I’m 39!!!  I feel like I’m still 27…well, most days, anyway. 😉
Anyhoo…please enjoy my, “I just woke up and how the heck am I 39?” selfie…
I finally finished all my recaps of our trip to Universal Studios and Disney!  Phew!  That took me longer than expected, but the memories are stored here on the blog and, like most other family fun, I know I’ll love looking back at these moments.  
I’d love to have you scroll on through!
Our spring break has officially begun…and we have zero plans.  Jon will be working and I’ll be home with the kids.  We don’t have piano, or Eliza’s Girls on the Run, or Kindermusik or dance, but everything starts back up the week after break, which will also include soccer.  So I’m going to try to embrace our nothing-to-do-staycation as much as possible. 
A couple of weeks ago, Taylor Joelle Designs (the cutest shop of Disney-inspired princess dresses and fun wear, mentioned they were looking for some cute photos of kids to be sent some bathing suits to try out from a new line/company Rosie Beach Wear!  I immediately entered.  We were then chosen, along with some other amazing little kids!!!  I was so excited!!!

Being that we live in Michigan we couldn’t really get outdoors with the temps being in the 20s, but we did our best, as did other Mamas and kids in cooler states.

This was so much fun and I HIGHLY recommend these swimsuits!  Go give their website and IG a look!
Screenshots of memes keep me going week after week.
Here are some of this week’s winners…  Ha!
Have a great weekend out there, friends!
Marie 🙂
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