Jane’s 3rd Birthday Weekend

Welp, Jane’s officially three and my heart has been all over the place.
I always have this thing of crying the night before every birthday.  I honestly didn’t think I’d cry with Jane.
Jon put Jane to bed like every other night and like every other night, I was an exhausted Mama.  I took my shower and slipped on some jammies and then headed downstairs to tell Jane, “Goodnight.”  I never go into her room after Jon has put her to bed as to not disrupt the routine, but how could I not with this being her last night of being two?! 
As I walked in I noticed that she had completely gotten undressed and was down to her diaper.
It was the most fitting two year old moment ever and how perfect that she was basically in her birthday suit on the eve of her third birthday.  I didn’t include that picture, for obvious reasons, but oh my goodness – it made for quite a laugh!
She wanted, instead, to wear mismatched pjs and I happily obliged.  Then we snuggled.  Henry earlier in the week grabbed my hand and had told me that he thought that I might cry.
He was right.
I cried.  It’s apparently something I’m very good at lately; crying.
Jane asked, “You cry ’cause you happy or sad?”
“Oh, sooooo happy, sweet girl.  I’m so happy to have you!”

I said my goodnights with tear-filled eyes.
The next morning was a school day for the big kids.  Eliza wore her Frozen dress to school to celebrate from afar and Jane wore her Cinderella dress – both from Taylor Joelle!

The picture of the post from my IG!
Henry headed off to school with the neighbor boy and then Jon, Jane and I dropped off Eliza and our other neighbor boy off at school and then headed to breakfast.  Jon really wanted to take Jane out for a birthday breakfast!
She ate pancakes, bacon and orange juice.

Her attempt and “3.” 

After breakfast I had an eye appointment with a new Optometrist and I was getting the full eye exam – eye dilation and all, so I needed Jon’s assistance with driving me home.
I felt bad that I had this appointment on Jane’s birthday, but my last appointment was cancelled due to all of us having Covid and this was the next available time…AND it was in a different state!  LOL!  It wasn’t far, but still…
After hours of blurred vision, the kids were home and we were ready to celebrate our little Janie.
We had homemade Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo and then a grocery store cake for dessert!

Sweet girl was thrilled!
Everyone loved their cake!
Jane unwrapped her gift – a new bike!
Since it was clean and new we let her attempt to pedal while inside.  She had the sensation of falling and said, “I no like dis bike.”

We assured her that she’d get used to it and that the training wheels would keep her stable.
We went for a brisk walk to get her aquatinted with her new bicycle.  She barely pedaled as Jon walked along beside her… it was pretty comical.

The next day, Saturday, we spent cleaning, decorating, I ran to the store to pick up another cake and a few party essentials and then we made sure Jane got in a good nap.
We woke her up about 45 minutes before her party so that she could wake up happy and also so that I could get her ready.
It was nice and relaxing to get in some pictures, too!
Eliza and Jane’s dresses are both from Disney.  Henry’s cape is from Disney, as well.  His shirt, which is difficult to see here, is another Taylor Joelle find!
I just can’t get enough.  

Jane looking out the window at Eliza as she fixed a sign that she had made for our guests to come through the garage…
Jane wanted me to dress as one of the step sisters, and believe me I would have had I found a reasonably priced costume, but a $20 tutu from Amazon would have to do.  Luckily she loved the fanciness of it all!
Jon and his littlest.  He loves her so much!  I love watching them together – they’re definitely buddies…
Some of the fun decorations.
Jane helped put goodies in each of these castles and I refused to “perfect” them afterwards. 
Another grocery store cake!
The girl at the bakery told me she loved my enthusiasm as I was describing how I wanted the cake – seriously, I get so excited about the smallest things, ESPECIALLY given the last two years, this cake meant so much more!!!
Henry’s adorable signs.
Oh and those no bake cake bites in the background (looks like one fell) – anywho, those were amazing!
Oh and the cupcakes, I didn’t have enough for 24, so I used what I had a it turned out fine.
My chocolate chip cookies turned out too flat – I think my butter was off – but the cookies were delicious!
The kids helped peel oranges to make Cinderella’s pumpkins (with a small celery stick inside).
So many things weren’t perfect, but I’m telling you – it was one of the best parties we’ve ever had AND all the goodies were completely gone once the party ended!
Champs for the big kids… 😉
We were ready to par-tay!
The kids slow-danced as we awaited the arrival of our royal guests.
Do you see all the blue sashes behind Eliza?  Originally I was going to print off royal names for each adult, but I ran out of time.  Instead, we passed out a sash to every single person as they arrived and it ended up being so much fun!
Here’s Jane as we were about to sing, Happy Birthday.

Jon and I have watched the video of all of us singing to her on repeat.
The fact that she accidentally blew out the candles out of excitement and then put her hands to her face…
How she looked around the entire room as everyone sang.  
She was beaming.  Absolutely beaming with pride, happiness, delight…
We’ve NEVER seen her like that.  Not to that extent.  We both view her in a different light now.  I can’t explain the joy we had for her.  She craved this moment.  She craved all of those people.  The sounds, the singing, the playing, the cake, the PRESENTS!  Oh she looooved opening so many presents!
Complete and utter joy.
Janie with her Amy…
Janie with another favorite, Miss. Sara…
The one requested gift from Mama and Dad – a Maribel dress – this dress is gorgeous in person, too (it’s from the Disney store).
I think I’m still in shock that Jane’s now three.  But I’m here for it!
Girlfriend had THE best weekend!  We spent Sunday playing and cleaning up and girlie had a much needed afternoon nap which involved toddler snoring at one point.
Now, for this next year to slow it’s roll.
Can I get an Amen?!
Marie 🙂

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