What I Ordered From Amazon – Summer 2021

Oh Em Geee! 

Hi there, bloggers!  It’s been a hot minute since I’ve joined in on a link up!

I’m so excited!  

Guess what else?  I made up a new little logo for this itty bitty blog of mine.  I’m quite proud of it!  What do you guys think?!  My creative juices were a-flowin’ the other day and I needed a bit of direction with my blog – to remember why I started blogging in the first place all those years ago – to blog about our family and our home and to document our adventures and create along the way.  This blog post isn’t much, but gosh, it felt great to bring it all together.

Okay, I best be getting to why I’m here today…

Today is such a fun post and it’s one of my favorites and one that I love to read on other blogs – 

What I Ordered From Amazon.

These are supposed to be monthly, buy I couldn’t resist posting about some of my favorites from the beginning of summer…

Let’s get to it!

Jon and I recently purchased leather couches for our main living room so that meant moving our only other couch that we’ve ever owned down into the basement.  I knew I wanted a new rug downstairs since the two we had purchased years ago were never really my style, albeit, they were fantastic quality.  This rug does not disappoint and it gives the room an entirely new vibe even with a 12 year old couch.  Perhaps someday I’ll pluck up the courage to share our space with the World Wide Web!  😉

 The Best Rug Ever

Over the course of the last few years we’ve slowly converted part of our basement into a home gym.  Jon lifts heavy weights so we needed something to stop the weights from damaging our concrete floors.  For myself, these mats have helped anytime I decide to work on my core.  An old carpet and a mat just weren’t cutting it.  We love these so much and they’ve really helped “make the space.”
I.  Love.  This.  Workout.  Shirt.  It’s breathable, it’s loose and it covers the bum.  Seriously one of my favorite workout shirts that I own.
I saw someone over on Instagram post about these!  She was in Disney World and was trying to keep her kids occupied and then she busted these out of her “Mary Poppins” purse!  I ended up ordering these for Jane but found Henry and Eliza…and the neighbor boys, playing with them, too.  They don’t last for long – maybe a few days, BUT they’re totally worth it and helped entertain the kids long enough for me to cook up dinner for a few nights!  These could make for a great stocking stuffer – just be aware that they’re not suitable for curious little babies. 

Here’s a top that I’m anxiously awaiting to wear.  This popped up on my Facebook and it had my name written all over it – the 3/4 sleeve, the tunic style, the neckline – it has it all.  It comes in lots of different colors, too.  
It screams and whispers, “Marie….Mariiiiiieeeee.”
Love it.  
Lastly, I’ll share this simple and affordable planner.  I love me some Emily Ley Planners and I very well may purchase one again in the future, buy given the current state of things…and living in Michigan…and living in one of the worst counties for the you-know-what-virus, I opted for this planner for the time being and so far, so good.  It’s getting the job done and if anything, it’s preparing me for when/if I decide to spoil myself by way of Emily Ley.
Thanks so much for stopping by!  Phew!  That felt good.
Heading over to see what all the other lovelies are sharing.
Happy Shopping!
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  1. Your new logo is the CUTEST!!!! Seriously, that font and those little hearts coming out of the chimney – swoon! I love it, Marie! I'm looking forward to seeing some new posts from you soon! And thanks for the PSA about those workout shirts. I'm always looking for new ones to try!

  2. Thanks! I just needed some direction. It's so easy to get lost in what everyone else is doing and to mindlessly scroll for hours. Back when I used to blog all the time I felt more in control of things, it's weird to say that, but it's true. It was my therapy and kept me in check. So, I decided to make up a little logo to kind of center myself back to my roots. Our house is yellow and for many years I didn't like it, but it's grown on me. Our little yellow lake house, with my favorite people inside! Oh and girl, that workout shirt is great! I get sad when it's dirty. Hahaha! I hope it works for you if you decide to get it!

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