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I didn’t participate in Prime Purchases last month due to it being the Tuesday after the Fourth of July, but mostly all of our purchases were FOR the Fourth of July so most items really wouldn’t have been worth grabbing since the holiday had passed, but I’m back today with some goodies!

I’m still continuing my decluttering process over here and with that has come the getting rid of lots of clothes.  It feels nice to not have as much, BUT I really don’t have many options for shirts.  I plan to sloooowly get a few new items here and there and I’m starting with this cute shirt!  I do a lot of blacks, blues and grey, but I hope to add some color here and there, too. 


 SOFIA'S CHOICE Womens Peplum Tops V Neck Loose Fit Short Sleeve Babydoll Tshirt

Jane’s been waking up at all hours of the night lately.  I thought perhaps it’d pass on its own, but she’s continued to wake up at 2:30 a.m., or 4:00 a.m. or 5:00 a.m…. *sigh*

That’s a no for me, Dawg.


I found this wake clock for her on Amazon.  It’s on sale and you guys, GAME CHANGER!

Jane now knows that when the unicorn is sleeping the clock will be pink, but when the unicorn wakes up and it’s green then it’s time to officially wake up and then Jane’s allowed to come up into our room.  

We’re only on our second night using it, but Jane hasn’t climbed out of bed once for the last two nights.  It’s actually quite funny to us how we’re pretty positive she’s probably just in her room staring at it waiting for it to turn green.  It’s absolutely amazing and I’ll forever suggest this to any parent going through the same struggle!


Sharp Ready to Wake Unicorn Sleep Trainer, Kid’s Alarm Clock for Ready to Rise, Ceiling Projection Nightlight and “Off-to-...

Henry wants to play games all day, every day.  He currently loves Stratego, Risk and Catan.  He was thrilled when Jon ordered him this Catan Seafarers Expansion set.  

I’ve been having fun playing with him, too.  Most of our games last well into the next day and while I’m terrible at most games, it’s been fun to bond with him over what he loves to play.


Catan Seafarers Board Game Expansion | Family Board Game | Board Game for Adults and Family | Adventure Board Game | Ages ...

We purchased this book for Eliza.  We’re about five chapters in and so far, so good.  There aren’t any mean characters or snooty “mermaid” girls, which is big for me.  I’ll keep you posted on the rest of the book.


A Mermaid in Middle Grade: Book 1: The Talisman of Lostland

I plan to decoupage some craft pumpkins with these napkins for fall.  I thought I’d give it a try and maybe make an IG Reel about it, but we shall see.  I have the idea in my head, but sometimes that doesn’t always go as planned.  Haha!  😉


Entertaining with Caspari Cocktail Napkin, Blue and White, 20-Pack

I’ve always used lunch box notes for the kiddos.  I wouldn’t use them every day, since they took a cold lunch almost every single day for all the years they’ve been in school, and that would’ve been a lot of work for this Mama, but I do love to surprise them with the occasional note.  I love these sweet unicorn lunch box notes for Eliza…


Lunch Box Notes for Kids 60 Pack Unicorn Themed- Motivational Inspirational Cards 30 Unique Designs to Put Love and Fun in...

…and these Facts and Funnies for Henry!

Lindsay posted about these and they just look so cute!


Lunch Box Notes for Kids - Lunch Notes From Me! “Facts & Funnies Volume 2” - 101 tear-off Lunchbox Notes for Kids that Mak...

AI’ve found that I don’t have much jewelry and since Jane is getting a little older and not grabbing or pulling at things, I’d love to start to accessorize, but easy does it and I’m starting with black and gold.  These bracelets are a little funky, but classy.  There are some blue and gold ones that I’d love too, but I’m waiting for them to drop in price. 😉


Tile Enamel Bracelet Set Tila Chevron Arrow Rectangle Elastic Stretchy Beaded Bracelet Colorblock Stackable Bracelet for W...

Lastly, I don’t know about you guys, but since 2020, the kids’ wardrobe has suffered.  The kids were only going to school two days a week back in 2020 and into 2021, sot hey got away with wearing the same things all the time, then they grew, then last year we managed to get a few items, but I was still so busy with Jane, so the kids truly didn’t have much.  I think Eliza was down to just three shirts that she’d wear on repeat and Henry had maybe two long shirts for winter.  Shoes were rough, too.  I’ve been slowly investing in new and affordable clothes and shoes for each kiddo.  Taking them out of town isn’t easy around here, so I’ve taken advantage of any opportunity that we venture to an area with more stores and making sure the kids are able to try on clothes and shoes.  It feels good that they feel good.

With all that said, look at this adorable cardigan for Jane!  I purchased the stripes with more pinks and purples to match her itty bitty “capsule wardrobe,” if you will, BUT I absolutely adore this rainbow one, as well!


Kid Nation Girls' Cardigan

Woohoo!  That was fun to share!

What have you guys been buying?  Any favorite purchases I need to know about?

Thanks, as always, for scrolling through.  It means so much!

Marie 🙂

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  1. I love that peplum top! That is so cute! We tried one of those clocks for Olivia when she was a toddler because we had the same issues with her, but she just straight ignored it and it was a total fail. Lol. Your kiddos are going to LOVE those lunchbox notes. They are truly the cutest! I need to ask Jacob if he still wants me to put them in his since he's going to be in middle school. I don't want to do something that's going to embarass him. Haha. And I loooove that rainbow cardi! Totally adding that to my wish list for Olivia!

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