Tablecloth Fourth of July Bunting

Happy Fourth of July weekend!  I wanted to swing by the blog and share this super easy and affordable dollar store plastic tablecloth bunting with all of you!

I very much wanted to decorate our deck.  However, waiting until the last minute left me with limited options and the decor that was left seemed to be more than I was willing to spend.  
Enter plastic tablecloths and zip ties!
I spent $9.00 for this quick and easy decor idea – the zip ties I had on hand, but if you get a variety pack like the one below you’ll find yourself using them for so many projects, I promise!   
The kids and I set out the tablecloths like so…

I wanted the long rectangular ones for this project.  

We then folded the tablecloths in half…
Set them one top of each other – red on top, white, then blue on the bottom…
We zip tied the center…
We used the 8 inch zip ties for the center.

Then we zip tied the ends with just a little bit of tablecloth left out.  Also, if you look closely I pulled the red tighter than the white and the white tighter than the blue so that when it was displayed all the colors would show.  

(Ignore my ferns – there’s a nest in the first one and I don’t dare water it!)
The kids cuts off the excess zip ties and I zhuzhed it up to make it a little wider and prettier!  
That’s it!  I have a feeling I’ll be making these in the future for all sorts of occasions!  I’d love to hear and see if you give it a try! 
Stay safe and as always, thanks for following along!
Marie 🙂

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