Easter Basket in a Cup

Let’s make an Easter Basket in a Cup!

Most of the supplies used for this adorable little Easter treat were found at Dollar Tree! The cups and cupcake liners I had on hand. Woohoo!

I used a clear cup, Peeps, green cotton candy, Junior Mint Eggs, green cupcake holders, ribbon, hot glue and scissors.

The next steps are incredibly easy and pretty self explanatory. I placed the cupcake liner in the cup and then added the green cotton candy, the Peep and the eggs.

Next I cut a piece of ribbon so that it would “stand” on its own. If it’s too long it’ll fall over. I definitely had to cut the ribbon until it stayed in place.

I added hot glue to each side of the cup…aaaaaad….

There you have it – the cutest little Easter Basket in a Cup I ever did see!

I love these for class treats, a budget-friendly Easter treat or, heck, if someone is just craving sugar…(me!)! Haha! I will say that if you decide to make these little treats definitely make sure to assemble the cotton candy the day of as it could harden and/or get crusty.

Thank you so very much for stopping by! It means so much! Have a hippity hoppity day, friends!

Marie 🙂

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