Weekend Recap – Our Lake Michigan Camping Trip

Hi there and happy Tuesday!
I have a lot of fun to share on the blog today!
Over the weekend we went with friends to Muskegon State Park here in Michigan for a camping trip with all of the kiddos in tow.
I’m not going to lie, I was nervous about the temps.  The Friday night low was well in to the 30s.  When we woke up on Saturday morning my phone said it was 37 degrees.
Thirty.  Seven.  Degrees.
We all survived…at least I think we did…we could all be campsite ghosts…I’m not really sure…. 😉
It all began with all of us arriving on Friday afternoon/evening.  Jon and I had about an hour of light to get all set up.  We bundled up the kids as best we could, let them play for quite some time and then tucked them in tight so that the parents could enjoy some adult time around the campfire.

The next morning was freeeeezing.  I don’t think I’ve put on so many layers of clothing in my life.  The day was looking up, though.  Temps would reach into the 50s.

Lots of playing ensued.
This area became the kids’ hideout.  It was pretty magical!

Jon and I took the kids for a walk around the campground.  It helped us stay warm AND it was nice to see all the other crazy people and their campsites!  Haha

Lake Michigan was just a few campsites away and boy – it was gorgeous!
It’s my absolute favorite place – Lake Michigan will always have my heart…

Someone had picked up a flyer which included tons of kid’s activities within the campgrounds.  At first we thought all the activities were at our campground, but instead all the fun was down the way at the other campground.  Both campgrounds are part of the same park, just a few miles away from one another.  One is on a channel and one is on Lake Michigan.  The drive was easy and picturesque…

We sure were surprised to see all the activities that had been set up!  There were so many campsites that had been decorated and so many volunteers helping out!
The kids (and parents) had a great time!

Eliza wasn’t a fan of that last inflatable…

She wasn’t a fan of this inflatable either.  I took her by the hand to go inside, but she ran out of it screaming…  Poor girl!

This marshmallow game had me cracking up.  Henry tried FOREVER to get a bite…

Eliza had been defeated…

The “pumpkin patch.”

Eliza’s first face painting!

Egg toss!
These suckers wouldn’t break!

Sack race!

We went on a hike!
Some of the husbands had discovered this luge run earlier in the day, so we thought we’d all check it out some more…

A bigger run…

A teeter totter…

The girls and their walking sticks…

The boys and their walking sticks…

Taking a break…

The aftermath…

Pics by the lake…


Isn’t this gorgeous?!

Some pizza pies and jalapeño poppers for dinner…and chips…and s’mores…and candy… 😉

Lights out.

Our second night was much, MUCH warmer – a heatwave of 50 degrees!  We all joke that our PSRs went up!  LOL!  We learned some lessons on how to stay warm, that’s for sure!  One more night in the 30s and I would’ve slept in the bathrooms…not kidding.  Hahaha!
The kids.
The kids, we’re hoping, took some memories from this trip.  They played for hours atop the sand dunes over looking Lake Michigan.  It was precious.  It was magical.  It was cold.  Ha
Thanks for stopping by for my quick recap!
Marie 🙂 🙂 🙂

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