Jane Kathryn – May 2019

I’m back.  Phew!  Life I tell ya’, it’s a busy and hectic and beautiful one!

Okay so – Buckle up.  May was busy.  Like, really, really, reaaaaaaally busy.

The month started off with Marie looking like she hadn’t slept in years.  Kind of crazy-eyed, but infatuated with this new little being…

I could not, COULD NOT, get over Jane’s hair…

We were all falling in love with Jane more and more every single day…

Sideway pic because I don’t have time to crop.  Ha!

I mean…look at that squishy, smooshy face!!!

Between all the loving on Jane, we had other obligations to tend to.
Eliza was still in dance and Henry was finishing up with Little Ninjas and both recitals were right around the corner.
My little dancer would practice for me since Jon had taken on the role of taxi driver and extracurricular attendee for the family…

Everytime Eliza would dance I would just sit and cry and cry.  I’m not sure if it was the lack of sleep, the new baby, seeing how beautiful Eliza was as she whirled herself across the living room or the fact that I was seeing how grown up she had become relative to new baby Jane.  Whatever it was I thoroughly enjoyed her living room performances…

Then she’d change into this and it’d crack me up!  I was a basket case of emotions.  Speaking of baskets, don’t mind the basket of laundry and random towels strewn about.

We had visitors.  This is my friend, Liz.  She and I go waaaaaay back and she just happened to move to the town Jon and I have resided in for the past 13 years.  It’s amazing that we grew up together two hours north of where we currently live and now we both live in this town together.  I love getting to know her (again) and her girls after all these years.  

More snuggles…

We ventured out to the park.  It was FINALLY nice enough to get outside.  This Mama NEEDED some fresh air.

Mommy and Baby selfies.

This was Nubs’ desperate attempt at getting some attention from me.  Poor kitty.

I had been dropping the kids off at school on the regular at this point.  I’ve always cherished our morning “goodbyes.”  Lots of hugs and kisses.  Kind of like that episode on SNL years ago where the family members kiss each other on the lips non-stop…yeah…that’s us.  No shame.  Also, I’m toooootally that mom who holds up the car line.  Oops.

Janie was getting bigger every day…I loved, loooooooved this outfit from my friend, Jess!  In fact, this outfit made me realize that my favorite color on Jane is yellow!

My six week check-up.
It was basically an “are you okay/how are YOU feeling” appointment.  I was at the moment, tired, but okay.  Luckily…yes, luckily, my Doc reminded me that baby blues can show up later in the year…ooooooh and they did.  I’m just happy she mentioned it so that when I started to feel down I knew what it was…  more about that later.

You guys, look at my eyes!!!  OMG!  Writing this now just takes me back to those bloodshot eyes.  Holy Hannah was I tired!

Life went on.
Henry was about to turn 8.  We made sure to grab one last picture of him as a seven year old…

…and one last kiss…

…aaaaaaaand *snap* just like that – we had an 8 year old!!!!!!  Oh if he only knew just how much I…WE love him.
Celebrations were coming later in the day.
Back to itty bitty baby Jane.

You guys, her first tear.  That’s right, I stopped what I was doing to get a picture.
#photoopp #thirdbaby #holdthatpose #notsorry

After the first official tear, we got to taking more pics with her bunny.  The kids and Jon had picked this out for her while we were in Chicago last February.  I wanted brown, they insisted upon gray.

I packed up Jane and picked up cupcakes to take to Henry’s school.
PSA:  Exposed babies and second grade girls…yeah…ummm…
My mistake was not wearing her.  She was exposed and these sweet little girls couldn’t help but touch her.  She was a little hand magnet.  Lesson learned………you know…for the grand kiddies…  Haha!

More baby mirror selfies…because she’s cute, darn it!
Also, that’s blue play dough stuck to my back.
If that doesn’t scream “motherhood” I don’t know what does.

We celebrated as best as Mama could.
I put up streamers while holding Jane.  It was difficult, but I got it done.  Henry really loved it and boy did that make the struggle-of-the-streamers soooo worth it!

Next up:  Gifts…

The kids’ faces had us cracking up!  So much so that we have Eliza’s face cropped on our phones and Jon and I will randomly send it to each other because we think it’s that funny!

We had a super happy little guy!  Oh and his “cake” you ask?  It was a slice of chocolate cake from Buffalo Wild Wings…with some rogue candles adorning the top.  The streamers were the extent of my creativity this year.

More snuggles…

…and this mug…
Thanks again to my friend, Jess!  Seriously she’s amazing!

I just need to figure out the whole camera focus/edit thing…

May body…
This is where I plateaued.

We decided to throw together a last minute gathering for Henry and his friends…

Totally worth it.

Next up with Eliza’s recital.  Oh man, just thinking of all of this makes me tired.
We were excited to see her up on stage…

Girlfriend got ready for the big performance.
I.  Just.  Love.  This.  Picture.

She was soooooooooo thrilled to be wearing red lipstick.

Don’t mind the crazy brother.  Haha

Girlfriend did fantastic up on stage and Jane did great nursing during the performance.  After the recital we went out to Mexican with both sides of the family and celebrated both kids’ birthdays with both set of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  I’m not going to lie, it was a little crazy, but toooootally worth it!

Eliza had an end of school event.  It was fun to head into her classroom.  She brought home this bean she had been growing.  It died not too long after….because, you know, I was trying with all my being to keep a tiny human alive.

Sorry bean.

I went on a field trip with Henry…and Jane.
I nursed during at the planetarium…
Chaperoned another little boy…

Held a new little baby…

Took in Henry…
and then had the looooongest ride home ever.
Poor Henry rode home with me and I still feel bad over the fact that it took us 3 hours to get home from a place that is only an hour away.  Jane screamed and screamed and screamed and screamed.  
We stopped and I nursed…and nursed…and nursed.
It was terrible.  It wasn’t fun.  I was exhausted.  Henry was bored and he couldn’t wait to get out of the car…neither could I.
We eventually made it back home and I remember feeling absolutely spent.  Henry was a trooper.

Next up was Eliza’s school performance.  She picked out her outfit and she was on her way.

I only have video from her performance and this one picture.  LOL!  Her face represents how I was feeling about May.  Kind of excited, kind of crazy.

A friend of mine came over to take pics of Jane.  I snuck over her shoulder and snapped this one with my phone.
It was hard work being a baby model.

I didn’t have much time for pampering, but I was able to squeeze in an appointment at Eliza’s Middle of the Kitchen Spa.

I met up with my bestie since Kindergarten!!!  It had been waaaaay too long.  I just love this girl!!!!  It was so wonderful to catch up.  I missed her wedding because I was pregnant and not feeling too hot……and I’m terrified to fly.
I love that we still managed to get together after all of these years and it felt like it had been overnight.  This woman knows me better than I know myself.  I love, love, love her.

A much needed taco night with the ladies…

The weather was getting nicer and the kids were finally able to get outdoors.
Fishing off the dock…

Jon caught his first fish!  That only took 13 years of living here.  Hahaha!

Our amazing neighbors, Tom and Amy, busted out the marshmallows!  I’m so grateful for them!

Jane and I attended Henry’s pool field trip!

Jane was looking cute cute cute!

Next up was Eliza’s field trip to a children’s museum…

………and then another awful ride home…
This time Eliza was miserable and it took us fooooorever-and-a-day to get home.  Here I am after getting spit up on.  We were sitting in a cemetery to nurse.  Eliza was in the back bored out of her mind.
I was defeated and I honestly COULD NOT WAIT for school to be over for the year.

A naked baby to make Mama feel better…

Next up – Eliza’s pool field trip…

A much needed walk…and COFFEE… down our road…

…a cute random picture of Jane…

In the midst of all the crazy, we decided to invite a handful of Eliza’s girlfriends from her class to the pool for an imprompu birthday party.  She was about to have her tonsils taken out the day after her birthday so this was the ONLY time to celebrate with friends.
It was the fastest and craziest party EVER.  Oh my gosh.  Let’s just say that is was not Pinterest-worthy.  Ha!  But we did it, darn it!
I picked up a bunch of girls from school, we swam, ate pizza, ate cake and opened presents outside…beacuse they were closing…
Eliza was happy.

Jane turned 2 months old.

Jane drank all the milk.

Eliza picked out Jane’s outfit.  Go Blue…err…pink…errrrrrr Blue!

Eliza’s gift from our neighbors.  Hello Hip pack!!!!




Selfie snuggles.

Eliza’s field day.

Another day, another field day…

Sorry for the sun, baby Jane!

Some Instagram photos…



Then – BAM!  Eliza turned 6!!!!!!

They were so proud of turning another year older!

A wellness check-up!

Girlfriend was growing…and growing fast!

Then cupcakes to Eliza’s school!


A bagel cake.
Because I had nothing left to give, but Eliza seemed okay with it…


On the last day of May, also the last day of school, we took Eliza to have her tonsils taken out.

It was a bummer for her to miss her last day of Kindergarten, but for her to have somewhat of a summer we thought it best to get her in as soon as possible.

My awesome friend, Sara, took Henry to school for his last day and Jon, Eliza, Jane and I headed to the hospital for surgery.

Why not add this to the plate, right?

Poor girl.

Girlfriend was nervous, rightfully so.  Jon consoled her as I took care of Jane.  I was a ball of emotions, myself.  But of course, for her sake, I contained it.
Eliza was given “silly juice” and I was ready for her to be goofy or say something off color, but she was instead quiet and serious.  She was calm.
At one point she took both Jon and I, at separate moments, and hugged us and loved on us.  Eliza isn’t  exactly one to snuggle and cuddle.  Jon and I really tried to embrace those moments…  they were really, REALLY special to us.  

A quick surgery later and after a coffee that I was too anxious to drink, Eliza was back in the room.  She slowly came around and at some point told me she had been screaming for me back in surgery.  That, of course broke my heart.  We headed out to the car and she passed out.

We arrived home and prepared ourselves for two weeks of liquids, not going anywhere, no running and no jumping.
I was about to be utterly exhausted, but to have Eliza’s breathing be fixed would, undoubtedly, be worth it!

……….and into June we went………..

Phew.  I need to take a nap just from reliving the month of May.  Thanks for reminiscing with me!

Marie 🙂

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  1. Oh my gosh, May is already so crazy with end of school stuff I can't imagine throwing in a new baby, birthdays, and tonsil outages!!!! Girl, you are a ROCK STAR for getting through all of that!

    On another note, I'm so loving seeing your blog posts again! I've missed them (and you!) so much!!

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