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What We’re Eating This Week…
Our grocery bill has been nuts lately.

I meal plan and we only eat out once a week.  We eat in for all other meals and since becoming pregnant I no longer crave lattes and I don’t have time to go out of town to Hobby Lobby, Target, etc.

You’d think our groceries and overall monthly budget wouldn’t be so high, but somehow food gets the best of us over here.  So, we’re attempting a crazy weekly budget for groceries this week.  Eek!  I’m hoping to spend a third of what I normally spend, it’s going to be tricky, but seeing as how people all over the internet seem to have success, I at least need to try.

I’m determined to make it work.  Wish us luck!

Our menu for the upcoming week…

Thursday – Egg Burritos
Friday –  Chicken Quesadillas
Saturday – Out for Dinner – Hallelujah
Sunday – Chicken Bacon Ranch Wraps
Monday – Salmon/Chicken Tenders (busy night)
Tuesday – Spaghetti
Wednesday – Sixteen Bean Soup

I also just made these sweet pumpkin treats for Henry’s class party today.  These were super fun to make with the kids, although I’ll admit I had a few “moments” when I thought I was messing it all up…or that the kids were messing it all up…I bit my tongue, relaxed a bit and tried to take in the fun of it all.  Pinterest-worthy?  Hardly.  A good time with the kiddos?  Most definitely.  🙂

I plan to make “ornaments” for Christmas.  I saw some on Pinterest using red and green food coloring and Rolo candy for the tops.  Ummm..  adorable!

What I’m Reminiscing About…
I’ve been thinking a lot about how cool I once was when running through my previous two pregnancies.

I haven’t been as active this pregnancy due to feeling sick, being crazy busy with the kids and always trying to catch up on household chores.  I’m determined to get back to it starting tomorrow!  No, I don’t think I’ll rock it like I once did, but my body needs to move and I can feel it…seriously, I feel like I’m 85 years old…my hips…my hips… :0

Here I was running with Henry about 4 weeks before he was born.  Now all I do is eat cheese.  LOL!


What I’m Loving…
My ultrasound pics!!!

What We’ve Been Up To…
Updating the kids’ bathroom!  It’s almost done!

What I’m Dreading…
Daylight Savings Time.

Thank goodness for candle, twinkle lights and Christmas lights.  They make the darkness seem not so bad.

Me, every year…

What I’m Working On…
Are any of you listening to Rachel Hollis in the mornings?

She and her husband are live stream every morning at 9 a.m. on Facebook and Instagram and man, they’re really motivating me to make some things happen in my life!  There’s so much that I’m working on… time management, following through on some goals…some dreams, attempting to give things a go and the hardest one for me – getting over the fear of what others think of me.

As Rachel would say, “Someone else’s opinion of you is none of your business.”

Hop on and give Rachel and her husband, Dave, a listen – they’re incredibly inspirational!

What I’m Excited About…
Watching our Michigan Wolverines this weekend!

Last weekend was a bye week and, while we managed to get some things done around the house, both Jon and I missed watching our favorite college football team!

Go Blue!

What I’m Watching/Reading…
Not much.  I’ve been too busy or too tired to watch too much on the tube and/or get into a book.

The only thing I make sure not to miss every week is my beloved, Housewives of Orange County.

It’s the best…seriously the best!  😉

What I’m Listening To…
Like I said, I’ve been listening to Rachel Hollis every morning, but I’ve been really loving all of Jenna Kutcher’s podcast, Goal Digger.

So good you guys, soooo good!

What I’m Wearing…

Maternity clothes.

I’ve purchased two pair of black maternity leggings and a pair of maternity jeans from Kohl’s – and they’re awesome!  Since this is my last pregnancy, I’d love to add a few more cute maternity shirts to my wardrobe!

I also purchased a new winter coat, because – Michigan winter.

I’m loving how oversized this coat is and how I can wear it for years to come.  It has GREAT reviews on Amazon and I can see why.

Check.  It.  Out.


What I’m Doing This Weekend…

Cleaning, purging, going through our crawl space, cleaning our closets, eating out (Yay!) and watching the Michigan football game!!!  WooHoo!!!

What I’m Looking Forward To Next Month…
Thanksgiving!  Elastic pants!  Decorating for Christmas!

What Else Is New…

Not a whole lot.

Today has been insanely busy and I’m surprised I even managed to have time to blog.  We’ve been enjoying all the Halloween festivities and I’m looking forward to the month of November.

Lots of goodness this time of year.  🙂

Thanks for reading along!

Marie 🙂

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