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Another September week is in the books and somehow it started off with another fever.

Girlfriend was excited for the week to begin.  She donned her newest cat ears, Ariel earrings, a pretty necklace and her University of Michigan shirt.  She was dressed up and ready for a day of learning!

I dropped her off at school.  She didn’t seem sick or hot or bothered at all.

After drop-off I decided to treat myself with a trip to Hobby Lobby.  I spotted this gorgeous rainbow in the sky (this is the second time I’ve seen one  of these in this exact spot in a year – kind of crazy)!

I’ve gotta say it – while at Hobby Lobby I was loving all the Christmas goodies.  I love me some fall, but all the Christmas decor definitely got me excited!

Buuuuuut…just after my impromptu HB trip, I settled in back at home and received a phone call from the school informing me that Eliza had a fever and that she wasn’t looking too happy about it.  I ran up to the school, grabbed her some drive-thru lunch and we came home and watched some Moana.
Jon came home at lunch and heard Moana playing in the background.  I was laughing because I hadn’t had time to text him to let him know that I had Eliza with me.  In my head I thought it’d be hilarious for him just to see me sitting on the couch in the middle of the day watching Moana all by myself.  LOL!  But he ended up seeing Eliza.  Oh the things I think are funny.  Haha.

Poor girly just couldn’t cut her fever.  Jon came home just in time to watch her and I had to leave to take Henry to his first Little Ninjas class.  
You guys, Henry LOVED Little Ninjas.  He was a hot, sticky mess after class.  So fun!

Right before Henry’s class ended Jon had texted me and informed me that he had given Eliza bath and that she had passed out at around 7.  Jon snuggled with her…and I was sooooo jealous of all the snuggling.  Eliza has never been a cuddly kid.  Sure, I got a little bit of cuddles and snuggles earlier that day…yeah…that lasted for two minutes.  Jon got the the entire snuggle/cuddle-fall-asleep deal.  I’m happy for him, but I craaaave those moments!  I was happy she ended up sleeping though and, I must admit, Jon is a nice snuggle buddy. 😉 

I saw this at Aldi and it took everything in me not to buy it for my neighbor.  It just cracked me up…

I wore this to the school pick up lines.  Classy…

My new Anthro shower curtain arrived!

Henry’s homework has been to read throughout the week.  This particular picture is of him reading to Nubs and all of his stuffed animals.  Henry thought it was hilarious that Nubs had to “listen” to him read.  We had to pick a quick book because there was no way Nubs was going to stay for long…  😉

MY.  FIRST.  PSL. (off the season) :0

Jon and I went on a date on Saturday to go see Jim Gaffigan in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  We made it a point to go to Golden Corral for dinner.  LOL!

My one friend said to me, “Out of ALL the places to eat in Fort Wayne…”  Yup, we chose the “Corral.”  LOL!

Carb loading…

I think I used a fire hydrant to snap this pic.  I’m happy it didn’t fall because it was windy!  Also, that’s Jon’s car behind us.  She’s getting old – she’s an ’07.  I lovingly refer to her as our “sports car.”  On our last date Jon had to bring oil to keep help keep her going.  It was incredibly romantic.  Hoping she has a lot more life to give us!  LOL!

At the show.
We had to enter the venue from a different location because we didn’t have six dollars (yes, cash) to park.  I brought money, but we had left a tip at Golden Corral.  We thought for sure parking would have some sort of credit card option.  It didn’t.  We had to go park in an abandoned parking lot (with a few others who either, also didn’t have cash or who just didn’t want to pay the six bucks – ha!).  We crossed our fingers in hopes that our car would still be there when the show ended.  I mean, we were told to go park over there, so it seemed legit.  It was.  The car was still there when the show ended and we could get home.  But again, in my mind I thought it’d be kind of funny if we DID have to get a hotel because our car had been towed over six dollars.  I guess I was already trying to make the best of the unknown.  

The next day we took Grandma and Grandpa and the kids to breakfast as a thank you for watching the kids while we were away for the evening.  After breakfast my in-laws left for home, Jon had a lake association meeting and I decided to drive to a new store that had opened a few towns over…

Loved everything about it…

Later in the day the Michigan game was on (we won!  WhooHoo!) and Jon got to work on our bathroom.  The picture I’m going to show you is not pretty.  I’m sorry….

Jon went into town to grab a gallon of “Marie approved paint” and as I was sitting in the living room I heard a rolling sound and little voices go down the hallway…

Apparently the neighbor boy and Eliza were moving in together.  LOL!  My neighbor, Amy, snapped this picture of Eliza and Warren just before they came over.  These two.  I just love them so much!

A bit later I was scrolling through my IG and found this gorgeous picture!  I was all, YES!  I want my house to look like this.  Wow!  Gorgeous!!!!!

Then I looked up and saw my actual living room.
The kids and the neighbor kids had made individual “rooms” in a “hotel” out of several couch cushions in the living room.  That picture above may not be happening any time soon, BUT I loved the kids’ creativity and imaginations!!!  Perfection can wait…

New paint color!!!  A mess in the hallway (don’t look – you looked didn’t you?), but look – new paint!!!

Henry was suddenly wanting to set out milk and cookies for Santa.  He said his cousin, Christian, did it and Santa came and drank some milk.  Henry left a note for the big guy and put an ice pack over the milk to “help keep it cold.”  Oh my heart.

By the next morning the cookies had been eaten and the milk was gone!  Santa had made an appearance!  Not sure how that happened.  😉
The lake had a few boaters soaking up the sun and some chillier temps.  It was a gorgeous day!

We took the kids on their annual fall scavenger hunt in the park (I should have included this in my Fall Bucket List).

It wouldn’t be a scavenger hunt without showing off some mad biking skills!

Henry was winking at me as he went by.  He loves to wink and is known for winking at his teachers at school and blowing them kisses.  This kid…  Hahaha!

A run down the sledding hill…

Eliza said she was just running for herself and NOT racing, but when Henry took off for the bench before her she lost it.  Like, lost it.  Girlfriend did a full twirl, whined the loudest whine in the history of whines and fell to the ground.  You can see her there lying in the  middle of the grass and Henry can be found quietly sitting on the bench.  Now, normally Jon and I would discipline this, but we just started laughing because it was sooooooo dramatic.  Oh man.  It was something else.  Just this picture cracks me up…it shouldn’t, but it does……………………

Once we were “over” the nonexistent race drama we headed to grab some doughnuts and cider.  Yum!

We headed over to Home Depot and picked out some mums.  Jon had to run into the store for a few more things, so while he did that I took the kids and went to the coffee shop and picked up a coffee for him and a HOT apple cider for me.  You better believe I took off the lid and ate all the whipped cream and caramel as soon as I could!

Once we were back home I opened up the packaging to our new bathroom vanity.  Oh my – I just love it.  It’s been sooooo needed.  I can’t wait to organize the drawers for the kids.  No more hair ties, brushes, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc. falling on the floor.  It was driving me batty!  I have an entire mood board I plan to share with you guys tomorrow regarding our mini bathroom remodel!  Stay tuned.  🙂

Thanks soooo much for stopping by, you guys!
Marie 🙂
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