Vanilla Wafer and M&M Spring Flower Treats

Who’s ready for spring?!  I absolutely adore spring here in Michigan.  I love hearing the birds, I love seeing the grass and I love to watch the plants and flowers reappear!

To celebrate spring being just around the corner, I thought I’d make up this yummy spring snack and all it took was a package of vanilla wafers, vanilla frosting and spring colored M&Ms!  These little snacks were incredibly easy to make, so much so that the kids took over!

Vanilla Wafer and M&M Spring Flower Treats

Three “ingredients” for the win!

I set out the wafers – some were broken, but honestly, it really doesn’t matter because the frosting will cover up any missing pieces!
I frosted each wafer…
…and then applied each M&M – this was so fun making different colored “flowers.”
I had to hold the bag this way for pictures and for my IG because I had already opened the bag…I was a little too excited to make these!  LOL!
Friends, look. how. cute!!!!
This was super duper easy and if you’re looking for a treat that is both yummy and fun for the kids to make, this is the perfect little spring snack!
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Thanks so very much for stopping by!  It means so much!
I’d love to hear what you think about these adorable little treats!
Marie 🙂

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