Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!
The kids are off of school today due to a snowstorm heading our way in a few hours.  I plan to get all the laundry done and to make white sauce enchiladas for dinner!  Yum!  Wish me luck on the laundry. 😉

We had a super busy week over here.  On Monday, Jane and I went around to a bunch of schools to showcase the production Eliza is in for our local theatre group – Peter Pan.  On Tuesday I took the kids to school and ran errands.  We had been waiting on Jane’s sesame water for her virtual OIT appointment to arrive in the mail, but it never showed up, so I had to suddenly drive across the state over to Farmington Hills only to drive all the way back home to get Eliza off to rehearsals by 4:30.  It was nuts.  I’ll blog all about my week for the Hello Monday link up in a few days!  Needless to say, the week flew by and I’m so happy it’s Friday!

Phew!  Let’s get to the Friday Favorites.


I was able to get up some blog posts in the midst of the busyness of the week, too!

These Vanilla Wafer M&M Spring Flower Treats were super fun to make!  The kids loved making, and eating, them!

Vanilla Wafer and M&M Spring Flower Treats


Last week I made this Road Trip Snack Necklace for Kids!  With Spring Break being right around the corner I thought it’d be fun to share this fun necklace for your little ones!  Whether you’re driving to Grandma’s, flying to a tropical location or driving, like we are, for hours on end, this will be sure to keep the littles occupied!

Road Trip Snack Necklace, Trips with Kids, Traveling with Kids, Disney with Kids, Snacks for Kids


This nose hair trimer.
I’m a hairy woman.  LOL!  
All jokes aside, this thing is great and it works really well.  I’ll never not talk about this thing!
I couldn’t find this exact brand, but this one has AMAZING reviews!
I purchased these curtains weeks ago and I’m still loving them!  They’re soooo pretty and add such coziness to our family room.

I soooooo need this sweater, but it’s currently sold out!  My birthday is April 1st, so I’m crossing my fingers it gets restocked!

With it be 2023, surely they could add a filter to those cameras!  LOL!


All I want to do is live in my pajamas.

Yup!  The caffeine adds to the anxiety.  LOL!

Welp, that’s it!  Happy Friday, wonderful blogging friends!  Thank you so much for stopping by!
Marie 🙂
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  1. Oh that sounds like such a such a crazy busy Tuesday! I always find that unexpected errands make my day feel so much busier. Those flower cookies are so cute.

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