What’s Up Wednesday

Happy Wednesday you guys!
Who’s ready for a What’s Up Wednesday blog post hosted by Shay, Mel and Sheaffer?!  Let’s get to it!
What we’re eating this week…
Well since I just went grocery shopping this morning here’s what’s on the menu:
Wednesday (Tonight):  Chicken and Hummus with a Fattoush Salad
Thursday:  Chili (One Meat and One Vegetarian)
Friday:  Stir Fry
Saturday:  Out
Sunday:  Crock Pot Buffalo Wing Chicken Tacos
Monday:  Chicken and Salad
Tuesday:  Chili (Frozen from Thursday)
Wednesday:  Breakfast for Dinner
What I’m reminiscing about…
Hmm…??  I’m always reminiscing about the kids being little.  But I’ve also been thinking about what I’ve been doing since I graduated high school.  I woke up at 4:30 a.m. the other morning only to realize that I’ve been out of school for 17 years.  This is not something that usually bothers me, but it REALLY bothered me this time around and I couldn’t go back to sleep.  I don’t know why or what I’m supposed to do about being bothered by it, but I guess I should nip it in the bud…whatever it is…

What I’m loving…
I’m loving that my sister is going to be having her third baby in April.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve had kind of a sour attitude about other mama’s having their third babies.  I’ve cried…a lot.  But I feel like I’m kind-of-sort-of moving on…I think?  Anyway, I’m over the moon excited for my sister and her family and I can’t wait to get my hands on their newest little peanut!

Me with Eliza…

What we’ve been up to…
Ha!  Where do I begin?  Seriously, I could write a book on this topic, so I’ll keep it relatively short.
Well, I joined a weight loss competition and I’m basically starving all day.  The app, My Fitness Pal, has made me realize just how much I was overdoing it every day with my calorie intake.  It’s been rough.
Henry is doing well in school.  He’s loving it and he’s doing well in math and reading.  He says he and his buddies play “police” out at recess and “watch to make sure other kids are being good.”  LOL!  I love this and I’m so grateful for his sweet little friends and their sweet little personalities.
Eliza continues to keep me busy.  If I’m not giving her my undivided attention at all times, then either she takes matters into her own hands and destroys plays in her bedroom or she gets upset that I’m not “pwaying” with her then-and-there and at-that-very-moment, which in turns makes me feel guilty and ultimately gets me to give up what I’m doing and results in me basically giving in to her needs.  I’m exhausted, but I’m happy.  More importantly, she’s happy.

Case in point (laundry in the background, playing Just Dance instead)…

Jon just got back from California after visiting with some friends from high school.  He had a great time and I’m so happy he did.  I held down the fort from late Thursday morning to a Sunday evening.  I watched his plane on Plane Finder and my anxiety was though the roof.  I’m still exhausted from him being gone.  LOL!
What’s I’m dreading…
We’re going to Disney World this coming month and Jon bought airline tickets for us just this past weekend.  I cried all day last Saturday because I really, really, REAAAAALLY don’t want to fly.  I hate it…and please note that I consider, “hate,” a very bad word in our household.  We don’t say it…ever.  Yeah, I dislike having to fly THAT much.

In fact, the skies were somewhat clear this afternoon and I’d randomly look up to see jets up above…then poof!!!!  Instant fear and anxiety.  Needless to say, I’ll be calling my doctor in the near future for some kind of something to help a girl out.  If you pray, I’d take some prayers for a safe and healthy trip there and back.  Thanks!

What I’m working on…
I’ve been slowly deep cleaning the house; and I mean s-l-o-w-l-y.  But boy, little by little, it feels ooooh-so-good.  Unfortunately, if I’m deep cleaning one area/section of the house that means I’m ignoring another part and once I get back to my regular cleaning schedule it ends up being that I have that much more work to get done.  It’s a never-ending-cycle, but I know that this deep cleaning will help clear the clutter in our home and it’ll help clear my head and save me time from cleaning up and organizing unnecessary items in our home.
What I’m excited about…
Well, I was WAY more excited before I knew we were going to fly.  Flying has definitely taken the fun out of the anticipation of the trip for me.  But, the FastPasses are in place and our dinner reservations are looking good!  If it weren’t for flying I’d be bouncing off the walls right now!!!

I guess you could say I’m also reminiscing about our last Disney trip.  You know, the time we drove (just let me keep complaining, okay?) to Florida!  😉

What I’m watching/reading…
Fixer Upper and some shows on TLC…hmmm… not a lot.  I’ve missed a few episodes of The Bachelor and fully intend on getting back on it this week/weekend!  I love me some Bachelor!  As for reading, I bought Capital Gaines, but haven’t had a chance to become energetic enough to use my brain to actually read.

*nervous laughter*


True story.

What I’m listening to…
Eliza playing in her bedroom.  She wants me to come and “pway,” but this Mama is being selfish which means her bedroom will be a disaster, but I’m just going to just live and let go today.
What I’m wearing…
The same cozy blue shirt I wear every other day when I’m not wearing my other cozy blue shirt.  Ha!  I bought the one I’m currently wearing from Amazon and I love it.  I was actually wearing jeans this morning because I thought I’d get dressed up to go to the grocery store.  After grocery shopping, I picked up Eliza and her friend, Everett, from school, dropped Everett off at his sitter’s house, came home and changed into my plaid Christmas pajama bottoms.  Yeah, I’m looking pretty stylish right now.  😉

What I’m doing this weekend…
Other than attempting to “sleep in” on Saturday?  Hopefully relaxing and stuffing my face with a pizza on my cheat day!  I’m sooooo hungry!
What I’m looking forward to next month…
Disney, seeing family, knowing my favorite season, spring, is right around the corner…maybe some more sledding…who knows how I’ll feel about snow after being in Florida.
What else is new…
Gosh, nothing really.  I’m pretty boring.  Oh!!!!!!  I bought my first jean jacket from Gap yesterday!!!  That’s something!  For real, I’ve always wanted one and I finally, FINALLY got one!  It seriously made my day!

Okay, well, that’s it for me today!  I hope all is well with everyone out there!
Thanks for stopping by!
Marie 🙂

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