What’s Up Wednesday – April 2022

Happy Wednesday!

 Welp, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve joined in on the What’s Up Wednesday fun and it feels so good to be back to this blog hop/link up!  Thanks so much for hosting, ladies, AND for keeping it going!

Sheaffer Told Me To

Mix & Match Mama


I blogged about this Delicious Quinoa Bowl!
It’s so easy and super clean.  We love this meal so much!


I’ve been thinking a lot about when Henry and Eliza were around 7 and 5…around the time I was pregnant with Jane.  These past three years have flown by more than any other time of my life…

…I’m forever grateful that during these crazy and unknown times we safely journeyed out and explored some amazing places.
Rosemary Beach.
We absolutely adored visiting such a beautiful area and Jon and I loved taking the kids to the ocean for the first time.
My sweet Eliza…

One of our very favorite places, EVER – Northern Michigan!  

We had cancelled our trip right before Covid due to a Measles outbreak and with Jane being so young at the time, we didn’t want to risk it.  Little did we know what was hiding right around the corner.
Our trip to Disney was absolute magic.

After several years of not knowing how to utilize this space, we sketched out, ordered and had cabinetry installed.  We’re so dang pleased with the result and we absolutely looooove all the new and much-needed storage space in our 1970’s ranch!
Also, we bought our first new fridge!  This was soooooo exciting for us!
Our old one was a scratch and dent and it just wouldn’t die.  I’m fairly certain that every other appliance has died and I used to roll my eyes that our old fridge was the one that just wouldn’t give up – it did it’s job, a little too well, if you ask me ;), but it was definitely beat up.
Luckily the old fridge will continue it’s longevity as its found a nice new home in the corner of our basement.  Hahah!  This new one fits lovely at counter depth and we love it so much – we waited 11 years for this bad boy!


We decided to do some landscaping around the exterior of our home.  Jon has been busy digging and I’ve been sketching out some very basic design plans.
Rocks are next, and boy, that’s going to be a back breaker!
What we’re aiming for…



I’ve been blogging for maaaany years, but doing so inconsistently and, very badly, I might add.  I decided on my birthday that it was finally time to get my act together and I’m proud to report, with almost a full month in, that I’ve been giving it my all!

If you have any advice I’ll take all that I can get!  Please tell me all the things!



Who else watches Outlander???


I listen to lots of podcasts.  I usually have to be in a certain mood while listening.

I’ll listen to minimalism podcasts while cleaning (it gets me motivated Haha!) and a blogging podcasts while getting dressed in the morning. 


Lots of workout clothes lately.  I’ve dropped 13 pounds since January and I’m so proud of myself.


We have two soccer games for Henry, dance pictures for Eliza and I’m sure we’ll be shoveling stones for the landscaping.



Henry and Eliza’s Birthdays are both in May – so I’m definitely excited to celebrate them!

How is Henry going to be 11?  How is Eliza going to be 9?!


Here’s Henry just before he turned 2. 
This is one of my favorite pictures of us together.  He loved baking with me…and he still does to this day.


Eliza just before she turned 2…
Here’s my sweet girl in South Haven, Michigan.  The kids loved collecting rocks on this trip…

…and then my baby, Jane.  Oh, time…you’re a thief…

Our complete “table setting…”


I’m getting ready to paint Henry’s room.

Henry has a full size bed being delivered in June and, to be honest, it’s time for a paint refresh to go along with his new bed.  I’m really excited for this rug – it’ll be neutral, but it should add the perfect amount of character to his room.  Bonus – it’s on sale!


We purchased this new umbrella for our back deck (can you tell I love stripes?).
Our house is a bright yellow and while it’s not what I would have chosen in a siding color, it’s grown on us throughout the years, so we’ve decided to embrace the yellow and keep it fun with this black and white striped umbrella.  I can’t wait to show you pictures!
If you’ve been following me, then you know I’ve been talking about these pretty much every week lately.  I love them!

There you have it – a successful What’s Up Wednesday blog post!  Oh this makes my heart oh-so-happy!

Thanks a million for stopping by today – it truly means so much to me!

Marie 🙂

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  1. Oh Happy Birthdays to your kiddos! May is my birthday month so I know it's a good one 🙂 My only blogging tip is "give yourself grace." Some seasons of life you will write more and some you will write less. And that's okay — your blog will always be there.

  2. I love your Moffice and your new fridge! Looks so stunning. Kudos on blogging consistently for a month now. I blog inconsistently too. I wish I had more patience and ideas but my life is too simple so sharing what I can whenever it feels interesting? Sorry that doesn’t help. Happy early birthdays to your kiddos! Such a fun way to welcome May. I hope you are having a great week so far.

    Maureen | http://www.littlemisscasual.com

  3. We are just now getting around to re-booking our 2020 trip (we also canceled our trip pre- covid when 2 of our family members came down with the flu not knowing it would be so long before we'd get to go again). I will definitely be back to read those trip posts!

  4. Thanks so much! We've waited forever to make these purchases and we're so pleased with how it's turning out. 🙂 I love your blogging advice and thank you for sharing it with me. I'm the same way, we're pretty simple, so I find myself repeating pictures. I'm so grateful you took the time to wish my kiddos a Happy Birthday and that your scrolled through my blog. Thanks a million!

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