Family, RVs and a Trip to The Found Cottage

I realize it’s a little late to be sharing my weekend review, so I’ll make this post as short and sweet as possible.
Over the weekend we traveled to Grand Rapids, Michigan.  It’s an amazing city.  We visited a children’s museum, ate some delicious meals, went to an RV show and I attended the re-grand opening of The Found Cottage.
The only other time I’ve ever visited The Found Cottage was for my birthday last year and trust me, it didn’t disappoint.  If I understand correctly, the owners recently moved from a 2,200 square foot building to a 6,000 square foot building – which also happens to be right next door to their original building.  Luckily, we just happened to be in the area for the re-grand opening and I just knew I wanted to attend.
As you may, or many not know, one of the owners of The Found Cottage is Liz Marie Galvan.  You may also know her from her blog, LizMarieBlog.  Now, I don’t know about you, but to me bloggers are celebrities.  Why not right?  I mean so many bloggers I follow are inspirational, motivational and creative.  The perfect celebrity if you ask me.  So as you can imagine I was ecstatic as I entered The Found Cottage only to spot THE Liz Marie Galvan checking out customers at the register.  Inside I was screaming with excitement, outside I tried my hardest to contain my emotions (all of this in the non-creepiest and non-stalker-ish of ways).  Haha!  Although, I’m not sure if I did a good job or not!  LOL!
It was so fun to look around the store.  My creative juices were a’ flowin’, that’s for sure.
The store carries clothing, too.  Take a look at this dress.  Oh my goodness, I wanted it soooo bad for Easter.

The floral print.  I loooove the floral print.


Unfortunately for me there was a huge check-out line that went around the inside of the store!  It was crazy.  I soooooo wanted to buy a bunch of stuff, including the floral dress, but since I had left Jon and the kids in the parking lot (don’t worry – they were in the car most of the time), I had to abort the mission and instead take several mental pictures (okay and iPhone pictures) of goodies to look for when I go back in the spring.

Of course we had a great time with the kids while in Grand Rapids, too!  There was a lot of fort building, laughter and static electricity (see hair) while at children’s museum…
I played “grocery store” with Henry and in my head I thought it was funny to buy lots of fish and coffee…

We ate at Panera, which was a huge treat for me since I never get a chance to go to one…

The RV show was so much fun!  Can you believe this kitchen is inside a recreational vehicle?!

Girlfriend looks a little too comfortable, if you ask me.  😉

Jon and I took the kids out to dinner at a fancier restaurant/pub that was located in the same parking lot as our hotel.  We didn’t plan on going to a restaurant like this, but we figured it had a kid’s menu, so we went for it!
Oh my gosh – it was soooo good!!!  The food, the atmosphere, the drinks!  We never did see another child in the entire restaurant and it was packed…and loud, but in a good way.  As Jon and I walked out of the restaurant we kind of felt like bada**es and literally high-fived each other right outside the restaurant’s front doors.  We felt so cool.  It’s the little things, people…it’s the little things.  😉
Let it be known, this all occurred around 5:30 in the evening and we were all asleep by 9:30.

Yeah, we don’t get out much…

There you have it.  Our high-fiving, RV showing, Panera eating, and The Found Cottage shopping weekend recap.

Thanks for stopping by this little blog of mine!  🙂

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