Hello Monday – Weekend Recap

It’s Tuesday!  Although, it most definitely feels like Monday.  Our weekend was filled with lots of snow, more nesting/purging/organizing, a few naps and some homebody down time.
Before I share our weekend, who out there has seen the 10 year challenge thingy over on Facebook?  This one spoke to me…
“I need six eggs!”
Who’s with me on this one???  LOL!

Okay, so into the weekend…
Henry’s been absolutely LOVING his Dogman books.  So much so that these are the first books which he has decided to read “in his head.”  We ordered him more and he read his third one in the course of an evening and even took it out to dinner to finish it while we waited for our food.
Jon and I love, love, love that these books have sparked an interest in independent reading…
I continued my purge session.  I wish, oh-how-I-wish, that I could have had a garage sale for all of these items I’m giving away and there’s so much more to go through.  I will say though, that by just getting rid of everything I feel so much less mommy-brained and cluster headed.  It’s been freeing!

Jon and I had our Friday morning breakfast date and afterwards we went to Walmart to grab a few things for the house.  There also happened to be a HUGE toy sale going on.  One toy that we purchased was a Barbie Camper.  It was originally $96 and we scored it for thirty bucks!!!  We’re thinking birthday present for Eliza!
I also walked by this shirt and wanted to purchase it soooo badly, buuuuuut there’s no way it would fit me right now.  Sad face!  I almost did send this to a few of my blogger friends, though!  LOL!  So, ladies, just know this shirt exists and it can be found at Walmart!  So cute!

On Saturday morning we received a bunch of snow!
One of our local bars took this picture to report the snow accumulation…
I called my mom at one point during the day and she asked how much snow we had – I told her about a Corona bottle’s worth!  Hahaha!
Henry came into our bedroom early Saturday morning for some snuggles.  Nothing makes me happier than when one of my kiddos wants to snuggle!!!
The snuggles didn’t last long – all of the kids were outside playing in the snow only minutes after this picture was taken.
Our awesome neighbor, Amy, snapped this picture of our sweet thangs…

Jon hosted a “Saturday Science” with the kids.  They made electric motors!

Henry went over to play with the boys and Eliza and I played dolls…

I was tired, tired, tired all day on Saturday.  I’m pretty sure I attempted three naps and maybe feel asleep for a combined fifteen minutes.  We had plans of going out to eat, but I had mentioned to Jon that getting dressed and going out even seemed exhausting.
I ultimately got myself around.  I seriously don’t remember being THIS tired when I was pregnant with Henry and Eliza.  This baby is sucking the life out of me…
We headed out to Mexican, but before we left I managed to take this picture of the snow drifts on our house.  They were so pretty, I wish I had taken this picture during the day to really show how the snow had blown around…

We woke up on Sunday feeling refreshed and ready for the day.  I decided I needed to move my body since I had been exhausted the day before.  I jumped on the treadmill for about twenty minutes and walked and walked and walked.  It really seemed to help with my energy level for the remainder of the day.  Oh, and while on the treadmill, I came across this show, Yummy Mummies; you can find it on Netflix.  Think Housewives of Orange County, but with a bunch of pregnant women from Australia.  It was terribly delectable!

My new found energy gave rise to more organizing AND if you look closely you’ll see a latte and a lemon pound cake that Jon had brought home to me!
What a great day!

I finally, FINALLY cleared/cleaned out the guest room…

The chair that I snuggled and nursed both of my babies in…

Luckily my sweet big babies wanted more snuggles…
The word for this blog post is, “snuggle,” if you hadn’t already noticed!  LOL!

More decluttering.
So.  Much.  Randomness.

Jon dragged out the crib from the crawl space.
Mission: Nursery was in full effect!

The blood/wolf moon.  I wasn’t even looking for the moon, I just happened to walk by one of my windows and the huge and bright moon somewhat startled me!

My phone camera didn’t do this view justice, it sure was pretty!

The kids decided to head outside one last time before it became dark…and before it became even colder!

Girlfriend somehow got snow all over her face.  I promise that’s not snot…LOL!  Just lots of cold, wet snow.  I mean, look at those cheeks!  They weren’t even outside for long!  Brrrr!!!

We ate dinner, took showers, cleaned up and gathered in the “nursery” to talk and hang out for a bit.
Jon put both kids in the crib and wouldn’t you know it, they still fit!  I don’t know why, but I wasn’t expecting that!  They seemed pretty darn comfy!  Hahaha!
Also, check out all of those bite marks from when baby Eliza decide to gnaw on the edges…  *facepalm*
Eliza was pretending to be an “old woman” with one of her baby blankets.  Where does she come up with this stuff?  What a silly girl!

On Monday it was cold.  Like, really, really, REALLY bitterly cold.
The kids didn’t have school, but I had a doctor’s appointment, so we woke up at our normal school time and put ourselves out there amongst the freezing temps.
I had to have my first NST.  I asked Henry to capture the moment…

After my NST, I had an ultrasound done.  We only have one more ultrasound until baby arrives.
Que: Marie in panic mode!  Ahhhhhh!
This baby.  This sweet baby has loved its little hands since the beginning.  Most pictures we have of baby include baby’s hand up to its face.  This last time we couldn’t even get a good 3D because it wouldn’t hold still while sucking its hand/thumb and then it ultimately just turned around and hid.  I love how much I know that baby loves its little hand!!!!  I just love it!  

We had one more stop at the hospital to get some blood work done.  Normally I wouldn’t care about where we parked and I probably wouldn’t even take this spot, but being that it was FREEEEEZING and the fact that I had the kids with me – I went for it!  My OB joked that I could’ve valeted right there at those doors.  Believe me, I thought about it!  LOL!

After my blood draw I took the kids up to the birthing center to show them around and then we grabbed some delicious muffins from the hospital cafe.  We then drove back home and I treated them to McDonald’s for having had spent the morning at Mama’s appointments.  Our neighbors showed up at McDonald’s, too!  We were so surprised!!!  How fun!!!
The rest of the day was mostly spent indoors.  The wolf moon had somehow made my children incredibly ornery up until bedtime.  We skipped out on Little Ninjas and decided it best to stay home and have a slow evening.  I’m telling you, that moon was no joke.  Haha!
Anyhoo, all better today…I hope.  LOL!
Thanks for stopping by!
Marie 🙂
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