The Monthly Meet-Up

Here we are again.  Another month has passed, which means it’s time for The Monthly Meet Up!

My girl, Sara, from The Hayes Homestead, and I host a monthly link up every month centered around one’s monthly goals.  It can be about anything.  Any kind of goal.  Join us, I promise you’ll have a blast!

First thing is first.  Just like anything fun, we’ve gotta have some rules.  Ours are short and sweet:

1.  Link back to us – copy and paste our linky button on your post – we want your friends to join in on the fun, too.
2.  Follow us!  We’d love to connect with you, and you to connect with each other.
3.  We challenge you – visit, comment and follow at least four other partiers.  Are you up for the challenge?
4.  By posting, you give us permission to feature an image or post on our blog(s).  We’ll always give you credit and post links back, don’t you worry!

This is going to be simple and quick, because, believe me, you don’t want ALL my thoughts written out!  Haha!


Put together Easter Baskets.
The Easter Bunny likes to fill the kids’ baskets with fun little things to play with, rather than gobs of candy.  I’m thinking Amazon and Target will be seeing the Easter Bunny’s credit card more than once this month!


Here are a couple pictures of my babies circa 2014…

Dear Time, Slow Down!


Continue exercising.
I’m currently “training” for an upcoming 5K.  The race is about six weeks out, so I have time…it’s the energy and motivation I lack.  Wish me luck.

I’ve also taken a couple of exercise classes with my girl, Sara and our friend, Ashley.

It was Sara’s idea…

Let me tell you about the last class that I took…

It was called “Butts and Guts.”  It hurt.  It reaaaaally hurt.

It hurt for days and days.

Stairs were my enemy and having to use the bathroom (hahaha), I kid you not when I say, I held it for as long as I could so that I wouldn’t have to put myself through the agonizing pain of having to attempt another squat.

The class was on a Friday and I don’t think I felt normal again until the following Wednesday.

What did it teach me?  Well, first of all, Sara and I are no longer friends (kidding!), lunges and squats are stupid………………………but I should probably be doing them more often.  #truth  #ugh

So, I’ll continue the torture of attending more classes.


Get ready spring.

Spring is my favorite, favorite, favorite season!

I have so many plans, you guys!
New patio cushions, a raised garden, new window boxes – let’s not forget spring cleaning!

Bam!  Let’s get these goals accomplished!

Thanks for stopping by.

Happy March 1st, friends!

Marie 🙂

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  1. I REALLY need to start running again. I do miss it!
    I actually got an early start on Easter basket shopping and I'm almost done. That's a first!
    I showed my husband my list of plans for the house and the backyard and he just looked me in the face and laughed. I'm not quite sure why! 😉

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