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 Okay, party people, we’re a week away from Christmas Eve Eve!  Who’s ready?!




Buuuuut, I have been crafting and cleaning and doing laundry…and doing more laundry…

You’d think that with all that laundry, I’d look better and have something to wear other than what I did yesterday when I had to go to our local High School to find Henry’s coat that he had left in the choir room after his band concert a week ago (longest sentence ever).  Apparently there’s going to be a snow storm with 10 inches of snow next week here in the Mitten, too.  So tracking down Henry’s coat was a must.  Oh – and especially before school shuts down later today for Christmas break.  Yikes!

Good news, we found his coat!!!

I took some pictures of Henry and Jane in the empty halls (Eliza was still at school) and then asked Henry to take a picture of me, not sure why I even asked him to take the picture or why I chose to stand next to the garbage.  Ha!  Anyhoo, this is what I looked like while running errands all morning and looking like…well, looking like a the best version of me as a busy mom.  I looked at the picture and just thought, “You know, it is what it is.” So, since I have an actual picture of myself, I decided to share it. 

*shrugs shoulders*

…follow me for more fashion tips… bahaha!

IIIIIIIF at all you find anything worthy of wearing/purchasing in this photo, then here’s a link to my purse, my coat, my hat and my boots.

Okay, so, back to what’s been happening around here.  I’ve been busy working on this blog and crafting my little heart out.  There’s so much I want to create, but I just don’t have the time to do it all.  Does anyone else feel like you could use five more hours in the day to get ahead?!

Here’s what I was able to create and blog about this week…

Hot Chocolate Christmas Bulb

A couple of screenshots have been keeping me going and laughing!
This one right here.  I’d say I was a gentle parent with Henry, but definitely had to square up with my girls.  Hahaha!


Working hard on this one.

Yup.  Santa just made an extra trip to the toy department at Walmart yesterday.  

Okay, so there’s my Friday Favorites for the week!!!!

How’s your week going?!

Thank you as always for stopping by!  I truly appreciate every visit!

Best Wishes,

Marie 🙂

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  1. Oh those memes… we just found out there's a pep rally next Wednesday and each grade is assigned a color to wear… why do we never have the assigned color?! LOL Glad you found the coat!! I never understood how my sons could lose things like that– a mitten or glove? sure! Your coat or your lunch box? How?!

  2. I love all your Christmas crafts especially the hot chocolate Christmas bulb. It's so cute!

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