Hello Monday

Happy Monday, friends!

Last week was a good one, a busy one, but a good one, and now we’re officially on break and I made sure to pour myself a strong cup of coffee this morning!

I’ll start the post with this picture of Henry.  He was the December 6th grade Student of the Month and we’re so proud!  I kept putting off taking a picture but I was finally able to snap one real quick on Tuesday and I’m so happy I did because by Thursday the sign had changed for Christmas break!  I would’ve been soooo sad had I not taken his picture.  Phew!

Henry’s a hard-worker, he’s a friend to all and he’s quite the gentleman.  Keep going, buddy!

Eliza dressed up for all the holiday dress up days at school.  I felt bad because I really didn’t help her this year.  I was somehow constantly busy running around doing who knows what, but girlfriend pulled off every fun dress up day and she did a great job!

Here’s another picture of Eliza and her teacher.  They’re always taking lots of pictures together and I’m pretty sure they’re besties.  LOL!  I have to remind Eliza that she’s only nine and not in her mid-twenties.  Hahaha!  I love their special bond!

On Tuesday Eliza informed me at 4 o’clock that she wanted to audition for a play, Peter Pan, that same day at 5 o’clock.  Cool.  I had asked her about auditioning weeks before but she never really said anything about it so I just wasn’t even thinking about the audition days anymore.

I wanted to make it happen for her which, of course, made for a very stressful hour of driving home, finding a school picture, attempting to print off paperwork, then of course the printer was out of ink…of course it was, making dinner and frantically texting Jon to let him know I was leaving Jane with Henry as Jon drove home from work.  Oy.

There were a lot of kids at the auditions and more the night before.  Apparently 59 kids auditioned and 45 kids made the show.  Eliza really wanted to read for Captain Hook, but she read, very quietly, for Peter Pan and, with only being nine, she was confident and did really well.

I’m happy to report that Eliza got a part!  She’ll be Nana the Dog!!!!

On Wednesday, Eliza had her class party!

On Thursday, Jane had her class party and it was a Christmas pajama day!  Parents weren’t invited to the party and I was a little sad about it, but I made sure to be super productive while Jane was at school and I ended up spending an hour and a half at Walmart helping out Santa shop for gifts. 😉

Once Jane was done with preschool, I had to rush over to the middle school to pick up Henry from his half day of school.  We also had to hunt down his coat he had left in the high school choir room the week before when he had been there for his band concert.  I had made a lot of calls in hopes of finding it and I finally received a call saying it was still in the choir room!  WooHoo!  Being that we were heading for a two week break and there’s a snow storm on the way this week, we needed that coat!!!!
We took pictures of ourselves in the hallways.  Look how little Henry and Jane are!  This will be fun to look back at someday!  My heart…
I had asked Henry to take a picture of me…just because and he took this at first…
Oh so silly!  😉

I mean, look at that outfit!  LOL
On Friday, Jon woke up really early to take our car in to get fixed.  Our cars are getting pretty old and have had a lot of issues lately.  Ugh.  Eliza and the neighbor boy, Warren, were ready to go for the day in their ugly sweaters!
While Jon was away for the morning I was somehow able to get in a much needed workout while Jane watched videos on the tablet.  I felt bad she was on the tablet so much, but I really needed the endorphins.
We picked up Henry from his last day of school until January and on the way home we saw one of my witch hats that I had lost from my front porch tied to a tree down the road.  Bahahaha!  It’s been two months since I lost it!  We pulled it off the tree and took it.  Hahaha!  Thanks to the neighbor who did this!  Sooooo funny!
Jon arrived home just as I had to leave to pick up Eliza for school for a much anticipated hair appointment.  She’s been needing a hair cut AND she’s been wanting bangs.  I reaaaaaaally wasn’t a fan of the idea at first because bangs require a lot of maintenance, but we finally went for it!  This is her before picture.  

We never really got an after picture but you’ll see her hair in the pics below!  I actually really, REALLY LOVE bangs on her and more importantly, she loves them, too!!!!
On Friday evening we headed to a friend’s house for our annual friend Christmas party.  It was a smaller group this year due to others being sick, but it still ended up being a really fun time.  It’s crazy, we didn’t get a single picture from Friday night, which makes me sad, but also means that we were having a great time!
On Saturday we headed home, we all changed our clothes, ate a lunch and then headed out the door to go to a Michigan basketball game!  We wanted to arrive early so that we could walk around campus.  It was soooo cold.  
Jon was thrilled to show the kids his old stomping grounds at the University of Michigan!  I love walking around this campus.  It’s absolutely gorgeous.
I made an Instagram Reel about Jon showing the kids all of his favorite places!  He had a little extra pep in his step and it was adorable!  LOL!
The Law Quad…

Chemistry building…

The Block M on the Diag…
The Dental School…
Finding Daddy’s picture!
We also found Jon’s friend and his wife and sent pictures of their pictures, because that’s just what you do.  Bahahaha!  I was also finding pictures of friends I know!  I sent this one to our friend, Sexy Brian!  Yes, that’s his nickname!  LOL!  I also found my friend, Lauri from high school!

Jon continued his campus tour… ha!

…then we headed to the basketball game!
Jon bought us great seats!
Jane had ants in her pants here and there, but for the most part, she did great!

Jim Harbaugh was there!

A quick family photo!
We grabbed dinner from Qdoba and then headed to Michigan International Speedway to drive through the Nite Lights!  We love driving through and seeing all the lights!

On Sunday, Jon and I worked out and then we just chilled.  Jon captured this photo of Jane asking her unicorn if it had any cavities.  Soooo cute!
Later on Sunday we attended a Holiday Open House in town.  We’ve been invited every year for probably 15 years but we’ve never been able to go.  This year, we were FINALLY available and you guys, it was straight out of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’.  The party was in a gorgeous Victorian and the street was lined with cars as people were coming and going, there was snow on the ground and everyone was really dressed up. There were tons of perfect looking and delicious tasting food and the rooms of the home were filled with warmth and laughter from lots of beautiful people!  It. Was. Awesome!  I immediately told Jon that I wanted to live in a Victorian and do the same every year.  It was really special!

Okay, I guess I should stop there!  What a week filled with lots of happy moments – just what we needed!
Thanks soooo much for scrolling on through!
Marie 🙂
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