DIY Brown Paper Bag Snowflakes

Brown Paper Bag Snowflakes seem to making quite the statement on Pinterest, so of course, I had to give them a try!
These pretty snowflakes were THE easiest things to make!
If you’d like to make these, you’ll need some brown paper bags, some scissors and glue.  That’s it!  I’ve been seeing some pretty fancy looking paper bag snowflakes and these can be done with all different pretty colors, too.  I opted for the simplest snowflake design!
First, I gathered nine paper bags and glued one on top of the other.  As you can see, I used very fancy kid glue.  Ha!
Glue all nine together…
Once the bags are glued and stacked together, cut a “V” shape at the end of the pile.
As you can see, mine isn’t perfect…and that’s what I love so much about this little DIY!
See?!  You can’t even tell that my cut is crooked, but you CAN smell the kid glue.  There’s nothing better than a mango pineapple smelling snowflake.  LOL!
……here they are!
This truly was a simple project, but wow!  Look how big and beautiful!
If anyone knows who first thought of making these, let me know – I’d love to shake his/her hand!  What a fabulous idea!
I truly thought these were going to be far more difficult, but honestly, my kids would love to make these, too!
I’d love to hear if you’ve made these or if you plan to!
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Marie 🙂
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