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Hello and Happy Friday, friends! I hope your week was lovely!!! It’s the calm before the storm for us of extreme busyness starting next week. I have a million and one meetings coming at me, Eliza’s production week for the spring musical is next week, I’m throwing Jane her 5th birthday party in two Sundays and somewhere in there I’ll need to breathe! Phew!

Somehow I’ve managed to get up some blog posts in the midst of my crazy days. My Pinterest has been going wild this past week with almost 400,000 impressions on my content, so it’s been exciting! I thought I’d share some of that content with you!

My Easter Basket Ideas from last year are doing really well! I thought I’d make some new gift guides, but if it ain’t broke… *shrugs shoulders*

Easter Basket Ideas for Boys

Easter Basket Ideas for Girls

Next up, I made and shared these super fun and easy Easter treats!!! I made a reel about these over on Instagram, too! They received two thumbs up from all the kids, which totally means they must be good. 🤣

Easter Peeps Bunny Cars Treats

This leprechaun hot cocoa was made on a whim and it was another big hit and really easy!!!

Leprechaun Cocoa

I’ve started to recap our trip to Universal and Disney and I have Days 1, 2 and 3 recapped! Woohoo!!! There are about 20,000 pictures to go along with it, too – you’ve been warned! 😅

Universal Studios and Disney Recap

We’ve been having fun over here! Lots of good and busy days, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Thanks so much for stopping by and scrolling on through- it means a lot! Have a beautiful weekend!

Marie 🙂

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