Hello Monday – Mother/Son Night

Happy Monday, friends!

How are you all doing so far on this happy Monday?!

It’s going to be a crazy busy week for us over here!  We have piano tonight, Eliza has rehearsals every single day this week and three shows over the weekend, Jane has her OIT appointment tomorrow, Jane has dance (Eliza’s skipping dance, Voices and piano this week), Henry has two birthday parties this weekend and I’m throwing Jane a birthday party on Saturday afternoon….only to follow up with packing for spring break the following week, because we leave a week from Friday.  I’m just exhausted thinking about all of this!

Last week was a good one…

Jane had her OIT on Monday.  We colored while we waited out her appointment…

Later in the week I found this super fun Picnic Playdough Set at the grocery store and we had a good time playing with it!
Jane and I headed to the grocery store and it wouldn’t be a grocery trip without talking to the fish and showing them what we’re buying. 🙂
Eliza has been using her Aerial Silk non-stop!!!  Best purchase EVER!
Jane and I worked on color sorting some Fruit Loops.  She ate some, too.  😉
Eliza and the cast of, Peter Pan, performed at the Chamber of Commerce Awards Night.  The kids did awesome and I’ve been truly impressed…
Eliza’s costume as Nana the Dog…
On Friday we had a snow day and I watched the birds…
It sure was pretty…
Luckily the roads were clear for me to drive into town for some “me time.”
I made a yummy Shamrock Float for the kids later in the day!  I blogged about it here!
They loved it!!
Don’t mind Eliza’s dirty coat from playing out in the garage and apparently eating the Cool Whip with her clothes.  Eek.
On Saturday Eliza had a friend over to play and then later in the day, Henry and I attended our last Mother/Son Night.
We had so much fun together.
Jane needed in on the pictures!  LOL!  Her little peace sign cracks me up!
Henry was all about holding my hand and I hope that never changes…
We played floor hockey and raced each other on little scooters…
This fella is the best.  He’s just so dang loving and hard-working.  Love him so much.
On Sunday I headed to the theater to volunteer my time to help with the set!
I actually really, really loved this!
I used to do theater all the time and I loved just being on the stage!!!
#glorydays 😉
Later in the day, I dropped off Eliza for her 3 1/2 hour rehearsal!  She’s been loving this!
What a great week!  Now I’m off to get Jane off the tablet and for me to get all the things done before Henry gets home from school!
Wish me luck!
Marie 🙂
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