Easy DIY Easter Bunny Topiary

Let’s make an Easy DIY Easter Bunny Topiary!

Most of the items I used for this craft I found at the Dollar Tree – this includes the pots, the moss, the paint, the ribbon, sponges, the small round styrofoam and the bunny head. The large round styrofoam was purchased at Walmart and I had the wooden dowels and aluminum foil on hand. I also used my nifty glue gun for this project, which can be found HERE on Amazon.

To begin this craft, I lightly dabbed white paint onto the pot to give a more aged and antique look…

While the paint dried, I removed the “tinsel” wrapping from the bunny head.

I then stuffed moss into the frame of the bunny head and glued moss onto the actual bunny head structure.

Next up, I wrapped the large styrofoam ball with aluminum foil and used my wooden dowel to secure the bunny head into the large styrofoam. After those parts were secure, I added the small styrofoam into the bottom of the pot.

To keep things classy, I went outside and went looking for rocks! LOL! I tend to use rocks in so many of my crafts. I placed the bottom of another dowel from the larger styrofoam ball into the small styrofoam ball, placed it and centered it into the pot and added rocks to secure the topiary into place.

I then glued and glued and glued my little heart away.

Once I added enough moss, I then added a handsome little bow to dress up my little bunny! I did end up using some more moss (another color from the Dollar Tree) to cover the rocks a little, too…

There you have it, an Easy DIY Easter Bunny Topiary!

So dapper, right?! I loved my little crafty and handsome bunny craft so much that I ended up making two of these happy little bunnies!

What do you think? Would you make these or have you made some before? I’d to hear about it. 🙂

Thank you, as always, for stopping by!

Marie 🙂

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