Halloween Party DIY Dollar Store Trophies

Halloween is quickly approaching and given that this weekend will be filled with parties galore, I thought I’d share the cutest and most adorable Halloween Party Dollar Store Trophies!
All you’ll need are some dollar store skeletons, trophies from the party section, round or square wooden pieces from the craft section, some hot glue and gold spray paint!
The skeletons found from Dollar Tree were fun to work with – I could bend them and reshape them, but they also stood in place pretty easily.
I hot glued the trophy and skeleton in place and then added hot glue to the skeleton to keep its position.  I did have an arm fall off at one point.  LOL!  No worries though, hot glue to the rescue!  
I then used some gold spray paint that I had on hand and sprayed away…out in the garage, of course!

I made two other trophies, as well.  I now have the huge first place trophy – you can see it here, Mr. Funny Bones (funniest costume), Frightfully Awesome (scariest costume) and Best Couple.  Barbie clothes or accessories would work well to accessorize, but I just used what I had on hand.  Oh the possibilities!  I still may add labels to each one, but we’ll see if I’ll have time!  😉

For the most part, I think we’re good for the trophies!  What do you think?!

Thanks soooo much for stopping by and checking out these fun little creations!  I’d love to see/hear if you make any!
Marie 🙂
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