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Hey, hey, hey! It’s FriYAY! Today is our Homecoming and our theme is Broadway! We’ve had a lot of fun creating outfits all week! Homecoming spirit days and Broadway basically define who I am as a person (my high school superlatives were “Most Spirited” and “Most Musical”)! LOL! Not much has changed!!! Bahahaha! I’ve very much enjoyed this past week – I only wish I could have participated! 😉

Last week I shared these flame lightbulbs and they’ve been my number one seller over on Amazon! They’re so fun and add a very easy spookiness to Halloween decor! I thought I’d share them again since they were such a hit last week!

Flame Lightbulbs

Between all the Homecoming fun and running around with the kids, I was able to get in a craft and I made some hot glue pumpkins! Here I am lovingly looking down at my pumpkin! LOL!

DIY Hot Glue Pumpkins

Okay, with Prime Days coming up, I may have to buy this sweater jacket! These seem to be the “it” thing with over 20,000 purchases! It’s currently in my cart and I’m thinking I’ll just go ahead and make the purchase today! Anyone out there have this?!

Sweater Jacket

This is just so cute and I’m in need of a new, chunky sweater! I love this!

Chunky Knit Sweater

Lastly, this. LOL!!!!

Okay, back to the crazy of the day! Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate each and every visit!

Marie 🙂

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