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Our Visit to the Farm

Hey there!  Can you believe it’ll be November next week?!  Gasp!  We’ve been making sure to participate in all the fall fun over here and while doing so we changed things up this year and visited a farm we havn’t been to in yeeeears- Gull Meadow Farms!  This used to be out go-to place, but it’s a little further away so we started to stay close to home.  Buuuuuut, our visits and memories to our new go-to place started to blend together so we decided to change it up this year and I’m so happy we did – lots of new memories were made!
We ventured to Gull Meadow after the kids’ soccer games (Henry scored a goal – woohoo!).  We arrived a little before 2:00 and the place was lively and the weather was divine!
Henry and Eliza are growing too dang fast, but I was thrilled to see them wanting to participate in all the fun!
At one point in the corn “pool” I looked around and saw all the wee little kiddos.  How have our kiddos gotten so big?!  Regardless of size and age they still had fun playing and I’m sure Jane was thrilled they swam along in the corn beside her.  Haha!

Not sure what Eliza’s face is all about here.  Haha!

When I asked Jane her favorite part of the farm she said she liked the hay.  LOL!  Now I feel bad that I didn’t get a good picture of her with her hay, but here’s a cute one of Eliza!

Girlfriend selfie!

Love these humans!

Jon took Jane over to the pillow bouncy thingy for the littles, while I stayed on the other side with Henry and Eliza.  I never really get pictures of the original two anymore.  They have my complete heart.

The kids waved back and forth to each other and it was the cutest!

Obligatory pumpkin farm measurement. 😉

The gang.

The school bus.
I told Jon I could’ve had three more kids to fill up that bus!!!  Not even kidding.
An attempted family selfie with my phone placed on the side of a barn.  Ha!

The animals were a new addition from years ago…well, at least I think so.  Eliza gravitated toward the horses.

Jane thought all the animals were goofy.

Jane loved being around all the playground equipment and seeing all the kids.  She’s always been my little social butterfly.

The kids took turns taking Jane down the slides…

A good ole tractor pull…

The kids, especially Henry, were becoming pretty exhausted.  Normally they can go, go, go, but Jon and I figured the soccer games had worn them out.  We usually follow the corn maze maps and go through the entire maze, but we basically walked in, found a bridge in the middle of the corn field and walked out.  Everyone was soooo tired.
I turned around to look at Jane while walking through the corn maze and she was just shucking corn.  Somehow she found one off the stalk and just went at it.  It was ridiculously adorable and really funny.
As we left, I snapped a few more pictures of the kids next to the pumpkin patch.
What a fun and memorable day!  It was just what this Mama needed.  It was nice to get out of the house to do something different and not be folding laundry like I do every Saturday!  Haha!
Thanks so much for stopping by!
Marie 🙂
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  1. What a fun place! We have a place a couple of hours away from here that looks very similar. We took the kiddos a few years ago, and we couldn't get them out of the corn bin. Lol. They would have stayed in there aaaallll day if we'd let them!

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