Five on Friday

WooHoo!  We’re officially weekending it up!  Although, with the kids only going to school two times since January 18th (due to weather) it sure has felt like one giant weekend.  The best thing about the weekend, Jon is home!  Being stuck inside due to outrageously frigid temps made for one tired Mama and by this last Thursday I was most definitely running out of steam.
So, here we are – the weekend.  Let’s get to my Five on Friday, shall we?!
 I’m joining AndreaErika and Narci for some Friday Fun!
Last Sunday I had maternity pictures taken and boy – I sure do love them.
I made a promise to myself that I’d buy a pretty dress and force myself in front of a photographer to capture this last baby belly of mine and you know what?  I’m glad that I did.  I felt awkward at times and didn’t know what to do with my hands…or feet…………or which way to turn my face…do I pop out a knee or stand tall???  LOL!  I was a mess.  Ha!  Luckily, the photographer made me feel at ease and better yet, the session only lasted about 30 minutes!  Now that’s what I’m talking about!
I’ll be sharing more of my maternity session with you guys next week, but here are two of my favorites!
Photo credit:  Jessica Wood Photography

I made a little mood board for the nursery.
I hadn’t really thought that I’d do much in terms of a nursery this time around, but the closer to meeting baby number three, the more I crave the sweetness of nursery.  I think the bunny prints and peel and stick wallpaper had me sold.  As of right now, I’m all in.  I’ve ordered a dresser, some of the peel and stick wallpaper is up, I have prints on their way and today I plan to order shelves.
Head over to my blog post, Last Minute Nursery Plans, to read more about it!
Oh and just to keep it real, here’s where we’re at as of today – it’ll get there…  I hope.  LOL!
Valentine’s Day.
Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I couldn’t help but reminisce about years past…
Henry and Eliza back in 2015…
…and 2016…
Oh my-oh-my – I love their sweet little faces!
I’ve ordered these bracelets from Amazon for the kids’ Valentine’s Day parties.
Easy Peasy!  Done and done!
I also threw together these CandGrams for our elementary school Boosters program.  We needed some new ones, so I used handy dandy PicMonkey to come up with a quick “gram” for the schools to use!  Check out my CandyGram blog post here.  🙂

Our week…
We played all the games…
We threw boiling water into the frigid air.
The boiling water instantly turned to snow!  Sooooo cool!
I took a picture of our non-existent front porch…

I had to document these temps off my phone.  Keep in mind this does NOT include the windchill…  

Look at that heatwave coming our way!!!

This popped up on all phones in the area last Wednesday!!!
These memes had me LOLing all week…
There was a point in the week that Jon was wearing shorts while out in the garage…
This.  Bahahaha!

This is exactly how I felt on Thursday…

Who else thought January was 4,937,502,935 days long?????????  Holy cow!!!

Let’s not forget th magical time we had at Medieval Times while in Chicago last weekend!
We had SO MUCH FUN!  If you’re super bored and want to check out our Chicago adventure, you can find it here!
There you have it – lots of Five on Friday Fun!
Thanks sooooooooo much for stopping by today!
Happy Weekend and Happy February!!!!
Marie 🙂

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